We are a founding member of EnglishUK (formerly known as ARELS) and have been continuously accredited ever since the very first inspection scheme started in 1957. We are regularly inspected by the British Council and by the Independent Schools Inspectorate, and are registered as a Highly Trusted Sponsor by UK Visas and Immigration. We are also members of Quality English and IALC – both of them international organizations guaranteeing quality and standards.

LSE is accredited by the British Council for the teaching of English as a foreign language. To obtain accreditation, the school must comply with strict regulations relating to school premises and facilities, teacher qualifications, teaching quality, administration and welfare. We are regularly visited by their inspectors.

After our most recent inspection the British Council summarized their report as follows:

The British Council inspected and accredited the London School of English in June 2011. The Accreditation Scheme assesses the standards of management, resources and premises, teaching and welfare and accredits organisations which meet the overall standard in each area inspected (see www.britishcouncil.org/accreditation for details).

This private language school offers courses in general, academic and professional English for adults.

Points of excellence were noted in:

  • general management
  • premises
  • academic resources
  • teachers' qualifications
  • academic management
  • teaching
  • pastoral care 
  • accommodation

The inspection report stated that the organisation met the standards of the Scheme.

In January 2013 we had an Extended Monitoring Visit inspection by the Independent Schools Inspectorate.  The executive summary of that inspection is as follows:


The language school exceeds expectations. The previous inspection of 10 to 12 October 2011 was judged to exceed expectations and the quality of education as judged at that time has been maintained.

All students are tested on arrival and complete a needs analysis, which helps teachers in course planning. Teachers use commercially produced course books, as well as a variety of materials from a materials bank, to best meet student needs. Teaching observed was of a high standard and teachers have excellent subject knowledge. Assessment of work is regular and timely, though the results collected by the school from external examinations are not yet used to full effect. For those preparing for university, assessment is rigorous and effective. Regular tutorials and testing focus on student progress.

Health and safety provision is of a very high standard, underpinned by trained staff, accurate and comprehensive records and monitoring by external specialist companies. Premises on both sites have undergone recent refurbishment and are attractive, affording students a very comfortable and safe learning environment.
Pastoral care is good and guidance for students going to university is well targeted. The systems in place for making the necessary reports to the UK Border Agency (UKBA) are effective.

Senior management provides excellent leadership and a strong sense of direction in the school. It makes an effort to inform and consult staff on developments and is clear in its strategy of obtaining staff commitment to change. Communications, both formal and informal, are regular, effective and valued by staff. A range of quality processes are designed to ensure the on-going excellence of the school. However, not all staff checks have been completed prior to their appointment.

Click here to read full monitoring visit report from January 2013
Click here to read the full inspection report from October 2011

The London School of English is a founder member of EnglishUK, the successor to ARELS - the Association of Recognized English Language Services - and follows the EnglishUK Code of Practice.

Click here to visit the English UK website.

Work Experience English UK, an organisation made up of over 30 members of English UK, supports students in Leonardo and Work Experience Placement courses and programmes.

Quality English is a quality brand for leading independent English language schools. QE English language schools provide high-quality English language training in English-speaking countries. Run by directors and staff who care about education and the individual needs of their students, QE schools offer a high degree of personal service and individual attention. For business, career or leisure, Quality English independent English language schools offer the very best of English language training.

For further information, visit the Quality English website.

Click here for a list of all the Quality English Schools.

The International Association of Language Centres is a network of private, independent language schools that specialise in teaching the language of their country. The IALC network includes some of the leading private language centres in the world and is growing steadily. The IALC Quality Scheme and Code of Ethics ensure that IALC schools are among the most professional and successful in their field.

See below for some member organisations.

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English Language Center
USA / Boston, Los Angeles
Study English in the USA with English Language Center
Both English Language Center Boston and Los Angeles are located in great city center locations. Come to our language schools to learn English and discover our cities.

Rennert Bilingual
USA / New York City, Miami
English courses in the USA at Rennert's schools in NY and Miami.
Rennert's language courses offer you the opportunity to learn English and see the USA in New York City and Miami. Small group classes, general English at both schools, business English in Manhattan.

International Language Institute of Massachusetts
USA / Northampton
Learn English in Northampton, USA at ILI language school
ILI English language school offers you quality English language and teacher training courses. Learn English or how to teach English in the beautiful university city of Northampton, USA.

Tamwood International
Canada / Vancouver
English language school in Vancouver
Study English in Canada - Tamwood College located in Vancouver, Canada. English language schools and summer camps in Canada for international students and English as a second language.

LSC Language Studies Canada
Canada / Calgary Montreal Toronto Vancouver
learn English learn French Canada Cambridge exams English courses ESL
Study English and French at LSC language school in Canada. LSC offers English and French, Advanced Proficiency and First Exam preparation, DELF, IELTS, TOEFL, TOEIC, Business English/French

Languages International
New Zealand / Auckland
English language courses in New Zealand at Languages International
Study English in New Zealand at Languages International, an English langauge school in Auckland and Christchurch. We provide quality English language courses and English teacher training courses.

Coromandel Outdoor Language Centre
New Zealand / Whitianga
Learn English language in New Zealand in a small seaside town
Coromandel Outdoor Language Centre teaches English in the small town of Whitianga on New Zealand’s Coromandel Peninsula. With a maximum of 50 students and 10 per class our courses are very effective.

Australia / Brisbane and Gold Coast
Study English at Langports Brisbane or Gold Coast, Australia.
Learn English in Australia at Langports English language school, where students are provided with high quality, personalised courses and services in the fantastic cities of Brisbane and the Gold Coast.

Good Hope Studies
South Africa / Cape Town
English language courses in Cape Town, South Africa
Learn English at Good Hope Studies in Cape Town and choose from a great variety of English language courses. We offer high quality English language tuition at the two most beautiful locations.

London School of English
United Kingdom / London
General and Professional English courses in London
Founded in 1912, The London School of English is a top English language school for mature, motivated adults.

Malta / Kercem, Gozo
The English language school with a difference.
BELS is a small family-run English language school on the islands of Malta. The school is situated in the countryside on Gozo. We offer General English group courses & Individual courses.

Linguatime School of English
Malta / Sliema
English courses at Linguatime School of English Malta
Linguatime - a professional English language school in Sliema, Malta. Offering, English language courses for individuals, schools, businesses and groups.

Alpha College of English
Ireland / Dublin
Alpha College of English in Dublin, Ireland
Alpha College provides dynamic English language courses; happy, helpful support staff; warm & friendly host families; varied & interesting social programmes; excellent supervision for junior students;

Cork Language Centre International
Ireland / Cork
Learn English in Ireland at Cork Language Centre International
At our Language School your teachers integrate your objectives in the course content and carefully monitor your progress to ensure your English course is productive.

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ActiLingua Academy
Austria / Vienna
German courses, Language school, Learn German in Vienna, Austria
ActiLingua Academy in Vienna, Austria, offers quality German courses at a competitive price. Year round German language school for adults & summer courses for young people & teens

GLS Campus Berlin
Germany / Berlin
German Language School in Germany: GLS Berlin
German courses in Germany - learn German in Berlin at the GLS German language school in the center of Berlin

sprachinstitut dialoge
Germany / Lindau
Learn German in Germany at sprachinstitut dialoge
German language courses with a happy end. German language courses with dialoge sprachinstitut in Lindau in Lake Constance. Professional high quality german language school, unique location on an island

Germany / Regensburg
German language courses in Regensburg/Germany, UNESCO world heritage
Horizonte offers quality German langauge courses in Regensburg/Germany; Accommodation: on-site residence or homestay, leisure time programme, free internet

KAPITO Sprachschule
Germany / Muenster
Learn German at KAPITO, the German language school in Muenster
KAPITO is a German language school in Muenster, an attractive university town in north Germany. We offer German courses on all levels. You learn fast and effectively in small international groups.

Colon Language Center
Germany / Hamburg
Learn German in Hamburg at Colon language school
Colon Language Center offers a broad range of general and special German courses. The language school was founded 1952 in Hamburg, Germany. Colon has 70 classrooms and experienced, qualified teachers.

BWS Germanlingua
Germany / Berlin, Munich
Take a German course at BWS Germanlingua language school
Learn German at our language schools in the very centre of Munich and Berlin, with highly qualified teachers in a welcoming atmosphere. At BWS Germanlingua you can meet students from all over the world


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Alpha.b Institut Linguistique
France / Nice
French Course in France at Alpha.b French language school
Come and learn French in France at Alpha.b Institut Linguistique: quality French language courses, business French courses and French cooking courses taught by qualified native French teachers.

Institut Linguistique Adenet
France / Montpellier
Learn French in France at ILA French language school
Come to learn French in France at the Institut Linguistique Adenet: Our French language school provides you with quality French language courses, taught by qualified and experienced French teachers.

IS Aix-en-Provence
France / Aix-en-Provence
French courses in France at IS Aix-en-Provence
Learn French in France at our international school specialized in high quality French language training for adults. Intensive & long courses, professional focus, group courses, activities prg.

French in Normandy
France / Rouen
Best place to learn French – Discover France’s language and culture
French in Normandy offers a winning combination to those wishing to take French courses. Our language school won the Star award in 2008 and 2009 and is recognised by the French government.

LSC Language Studies Canada
Canada / Montreal
French language school in Canada
Study French and English at LSC language school in Canada. LSC offers French and English, Cambridge, DELF, IELTS, TOEFL, TOEIC, Business English/French

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Accademia Italiana
Italy / Salerno
Learn Italian in Salerno at the Accademia Italiana language school
Study Italian in the South of Italy! Italian Courses at Accademia Italiana Salerno, on the Amalfi Coast. Our Italian language school offers Italian Courses for Adults, Juniors, Professionals and Teache

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Portugal / LISBOA - FARO
CIAL Your Portuguese Language School
CIAL has a tradition of more than 35 years of high quality Portuguese language teaching, combining competence, flexibility and friendliness.

CIAL Centro de Linguas
Portugal / Lisbon and Faro (Algarve)
Learn Portuguese at CIAL Centro de Linguas
Our Portuguese courses in Portugal at CIAL Centro de Linguas in Lisbon and Faro will give you a full cultural and high quality learning experience.

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Liden & Denz Language centres, Russia
Russia / St.Petersburg & Moscow
Russian language courses at Liden & Denz language centres
Liden & Denz in St.Petersburg and Moscow is one of the biggest private Russian language course providers. Our centres are proud to have taught Russian to students from practically all over the world.

Liden & Denz Russian Language centres
Russia / Saint Petersburg, Moscow
Russian courses at Liden & Denz Language centres
Learn to speak Russian with Liden & Denz in one of oldest private language school in Russia. Our Russian language school offers Russian language courses for academic, leisure or business purposes.

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Estudio Sampere
Ecuador / Cuenca
Learn Spanish in Ecuador
Learn Spanish in Ecuador with Estudio Sampere, one of the founders of IALC

Malaca Instituto
Spain / Malaga
Malaca Instituto - Learn Spanish in Spain
Teaching Spanish since 1971, Malaca Instituto has gained an enviable international reputation and is now widely recognised as being one of the best language schools in Spain.

Escuela de Espaol La Brisa
Spain / Malaga
La Brisa - Spanish Courses in Spain
La Brisa offers Spanish language courses in Spain. The choice for study abroad programmes. For a combination of value for money and quality surroundings you really cannot do better.

Escuela de Idiomas Nerja
Spain / Nerja
Spanish courses abroad
Spanish courses all year at a accredited language school at Southern Spain. We organize cultural and fun activities, and we have our own student residence. We have more than 25 years of experience.

Spain / Barcelona
Spanish courses in Barcelona
Spanish courses in Barcelona. Spanish language school in Barcelona.

Estudio Sampere
Spain / Madrid, Alicante, Salamanca, El Puerto
Learn Spanish in Spain and Ecuador
Spanish courses in Spain and Ecuador: The Language schools Estudio Sampere offer high quality Spanish courses in the best cities in Spain: Madrid, Salamanca, Alicante and El Puerto (Cdiz)

Universidad Internacional/The Center for Linguistic & Multicultural Studies
Mexico / Cuernavaca
spanish school
Study Spanish in Cuernavaca the city of Eternal Spring and learn with native teachers the Mexican costums and traditions. More than 25 years of experience teaching Spanish language.

Frida Spanish Language School
Mexico / Mexico city
Spanish language school in Mexico
Study and learn Spanish in Mexico with Frida Spanish School, discover the biggest city in the world and the former capital of the Aztec empire.

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Kai Japanese Language School
Japan / Tokyo
Japanese courses in Tokyo Japan at Kai Japanese Language School
Kai gives students the opportunity to enjoy learning Japanese language and culture in a multi-cultural environment. Kai's small class size allows students to receive personal attention from teachers.

Genki Japanese and Culture School
Japan / Fukuoka
Learn Japanese in Japan at Genki Japanese language school
Genki Japanese language school teaches exciting courses in Japanese language and culture. Fully qualified bilingual teachers, multiple accommodation options including homestays, and great parties!

The London School of English is registered as a Highly Trusted Sponsor by the UK Border Agency.  Click here for more information.

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