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What is Cross-Cultural Training?

The world is increasingly international. The idea that we now live in a "global village" is no longer a perception – it is a reality. Across national borders, corporate office networks have grown, supply chains have extended, distribution channels have spread. In today's business world, cross-cultural skills and understanding are vital tools in ensuring effective international working practices and commercial success.

We offer two categories of cross-cultural training:

Cultural awareness training

This programme is designed to provide participants with:

  • a more sophisticated understanding of potential cultural differences and variations
  • cultural knowledge and insights to reduce possible misunderstandings when working across borders
  • practical skills to ensure effective cross-cultural communication in a wide range of business situations
  • strategies for building and maintaining harmonious and profitable commercial and professional relationships with international colleagues, partners and clients

Culture-specific training

Depending on client requirements, these training programmes are tailored to focus on one or more specific national cultures.

Training formats and locations

Our cross-cultural training programmes are delivered in an interactive workshop format, either at our training centres or on client premises.

For further information and to discuss your needs, please contact our Cultural Training Department, or call us on +44 20 7605 4142.

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