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The London pub (the name is short for 'public house') is an institution in its own right and you should find the time to visit a few while you are in London. After all, a lot of English people go to the pub and it can be a good way of meeting people and practising your English.

We often arrange some pub tours as part of the Social Programme.

Many pubs these days serve good food as well as alcohol, and also offer a wide selection of non-alcoholic drinks, so you can enjoy an evening in one without having to drink too much if you don't want to.

Remember that in pubs you have to go to the bar to get served - there is no waiter service unless the pub also has a restaurant (some pubs take orders for food at the bar; others may come to your table).

The English habit is for people to buy a 'round' of drinks - in other words they buy drinks for themselves and their friends all together. Then later another person buys a round.

All pubs and restaurants are smoke-free. 

It is illegal to buy or consume alcoholic drinks in a pub in the UK if you are under 18. Some pubs have a policy to ask for ID (identification) from anyone who looks under 21. It is a good idea to carry ID with you that proves your age, particularly if you look younger than 21 years old.

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