Travel time to Holland Park GardensTravel time to Westcroft Square Rates (per night)Internet availability and costGymPoolRestaurant
The Cranley Hotel
(5 star)
30 mins by bus35 mins by tube£186-£270 Free wireless NoNoNo
Hilton London Kensington
(4 star)
5 min walk25 mins by bus£164 - £229Free wirelessYesNoYes
Lancaster London (4 star)15 min bus30 min tube / bus£186 - £438Free wirelessYesNoYes
K West Hotel and Spa
(4 star)
10 min walk25 mins by bus£154 - £190Free wirelessYesNoYes

Kensington Close Hotel

(4 star)

25 mins by bus30 mins by tube£111.60 - £165.60Free wirelessYesYesYes
Abbey Court Hotel
(4 star)
15 min walk25 mins by bus£130 - £150Free wirelessNoNoNo
Corus Hotel Hyde Park
(4 star)
15 mins by bus25 mins by bus£162 - £222Free wirelessYesNoYes
The New Linden Hotel
(3 star)
20 min walk30 mins by bus£95 - £185Free wirelessNoNoNo
Best Western Burns Hotel
(3 star)
25 mins by bus20 mins by tube£85 - £105Free wirelessNoNoNo
Best Western Chiswick Hotel
(3 star)
30 mins by bus15 min walk£79 - £110Free wirelessNoNoNo
The Garden Court Hotel
(3 star)
27 min walk30 mins by bus£68 - £155Free wireless internet on the ground floor onlyNoNoNo

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