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Tailormade-made training - in London or in your company

We provide corporate English training and tailor-made group courses for organisations that can offer the following advantages:

  • Specialised focus precisely tailored to each organisation’s needs

  • Flexible timing including evenings and weekends if requested

  • Available in our London centre, elsewhere in the UK, or in your company

Click to see our Client List which includes organisations and companies by various sectors - from banking and finance to public sector and government.

The corporate language training will include several key elements from a standard course, such as our International Business Communication or Communicating Effectively in English courses. However, the language focus and case studies used will reflect your industry or sector. We can prepare case studies based on material prepared by you.

Please contact us to find out what we could do for your organisation:

We have considerable experience in training special groups from a wide variety of organisations and sectors. Typical examples of tailored group courses include:

  • Banking
    A major Swiss bank wishing to focus on the language required by trainees.
  • Insurance
    Life or Non-Life insurance companies whose employees need language relevant to these insurance fields.
  • Public Sector
    A Health and Safety organisation wishing to focus on specific areas of language need.
  • Academic
    English language skills for senior University staff operating in an international context.
  • Journalism
    Journalists focusing on the language skills required to work in an international context.
  • Teachers
    Teachers who are interested in the latest methodologies and classroom techniques to teach the suite of Cambridge ESOL examinations.
  • Automotive
    Vocabulary, language and presentation skills for managers from a global automotive manufacturer.
  • Utilities
    Language, negotiation and presentation skills for engineers in the power and water sectors.
  • Logistics
    Language skills for managers in the transport and infrastructure sector.
  • EU
    English Language skills for officials preparing to chair meetings in the context of the EU presidency.
  • Political
    Language and presentation skills for MPs operating in an international context.

These are just examples of what we have offered.

Please contact us to find out what we could do for your organisation.

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