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It has to be accepted that London is not a cheap city, although please also remember that there are very many things to do here which cost nothing. You can spend a day walking round our beautiful parks and visiting wonderful museums and galleries and spend nothing at all

The following list gives a rough idea of current prices. They are only approximate and you will probably find quite a lot of variation - it very much depends on you, especially for food and drink.

Food and Drink

  • full meal in a restaurant from £15.00/£50.00
  • meal in a pizzeria from £11.00
  • meal in a pub from £10.00
  • pint of beer from £2.70
  • glass of wine from £2.70


  • cinema £6.00 - £14.00
  • theatre £12.00 - £44.00
  • musical £25.00 - £55.00
  • concert (classical music) £8.00 - £30.00
  • concert (popular music) £12.00 - £48.00
  • football match (premier league) from £40.00 (but tickets are usually in very short supply)
  • nightclub/disco £10.00 - £25.00 (depending on the night, time of arrival and type of club)

Council tax

Council tax is a form of local taxation paid by all residents in London. If you are living independently the local council may ask you to pay it (you do not have to worry about it if you are in a homestay or residence).

Students do not have to pay this tax, but unfortunately the definition of a student varies from area to area: The rules are different in different parts of London. We can usually help you to avoid paying council tax, but please come and see us to talk about it.


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7 dayMonthly
Zone 1  £4.80£2.30£2.30£6.40£12.00£12.00£32.10£123.30
Zone 1-2£4.80£2.90£2.30£6.40£12.00£12.00£32.10£123.30
Zone 1-3£4.80£3.30£2.80£7.50£12.00£12.00£37.70£144.80

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