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Today we meet one of our students, Angie who took our English for University course

Today we meet one of our students, Angie who took our English for University course


Today we meet one of our students, Angie from South Korea, who took our English for Academic Purposes course called ‘English for University’ and is now studying on the International Pre-Masters Programme at King’s College, London, before progressing to an MA in Child Study at King’s College, London.

The 5 most used legal terms in English

The 5 most used legal terms in English


The English legal system is a common law system mainly based on decisions from previous cases. This means that it is different from that of many other countries, which are based on specific legal codes. However, English is increasingly the language of international law and contracts, just as it is of business.

Five simple ways to improve your technical English

Five simple ways to improve your technical English


Although nowadays lots of people study English at school and college, they still lack confidence when they using the language in the wider world. While you might have an outstanding grasp of English grammatical theory, when it comes to applying the language to real life situations you may struggle to make yourself understood clearly.

Canterbury Kent

Canterbury quiz


One of our three English language centres is located in a traditional English city Canterbury, one hour by train from London. Canterbury is a magnet for tourists visiting the UK due to its history, architecture and river tours on traditional boats, which are particularly popular from spring till early autumn.

Emma english tuition london

Individual English tuition - Interview with our English tutor, Emma


Our course participants often take individual English tuition in London, Canterbury or online. We asked our trainer Emma to answer several questions about these individual English classes to help those of you who are considering taking them.

English teacher quiz ESL

Quiz: Are you a natural English ESL Teacher?


If you love the English language and can express yourself in it concisely and eloquently and enjoy interacting with people and communicating on all sorts of subjects, then you might ask yourself whether you could be a teacher of English as a second language (ESOL).

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Skype English Lessons

Skype English Lessons: 10 Tips for English Learners


Many busy learners choose to learn English with us via Skype and there is an increasing demand for this kind of learning due to its flexibility and ability to focus on individual needs.

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12 Writing tips for Legal English

12 Writing Tips for Legal English


Our trainer, Laura Stamps, shares her advice on writing for Legal English:

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TESOL certification course

TESOL Certification – the benefits and 10 tips


With our first teacher training courses starting in November, course tutor Karen Chambers takes a look at the advantages of becoming a fully-qualified teacher of English as a foreign language.

English pronunciation tips for Italians

English accent tips for Italians


In this English video lesson our voice and accent trainer Salvatore Sorce gives tips on English pronunciation for Italian speakers.

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