The weather in London

London does not usually have very hot or very cold weather but it can change quickly and unpredictably. The maximum temperature in summer is usually about 30ºC and in winter the lowest is probably around 0º. London does not usually have much snow. We often have mild winters and cool summers so you should be prepared for anything. An umbrella is always useful although it doesn't rain as much as people think: on average London rainfall is about the same as Berlin, for example - lower than Paris and significantly lower than Rome!

You will probably find that the weather is much better than its reputation. But be aware that some British people do not heat their homes as much as many other nationalities, so make sure you bring some warm clothes. There are many very nice places to walk in London so bring some good shoes as well.

For some general information about the weather in London try the BBC Weather Centre Average Conditions for London. For the weather forecast for the next few days in London, try the BBC Weather Centre 5 Day Forecast for London.

Despite being one of the largest cities in Europe, London is relatively unpolluted. The quality of the air in the capital has improved substantially over past decades and the local government is working hard to lower the levels of pollution further still. One of the policies to help lower pollution concentrates on reducing traffic. Not many Londoners take their cars to work, and an increasing number of people cycle instead.

What to wear in London

We do not expect any particular dress code in the school.  Most course participants tend not to dress formally.  Our trainers wear smart casual clothes.

When you are sightseeing or shopping in London you will want to be comfortable and warm.  Most pubs, restaurants and theatres do not have an official dress code and you will be welcome in your casual clothes.  Some more prestigious bars and restaurants, and particularly nightclubs, have a smarter dress code.  The most common requirement is ‘no trainers’ (no sports shoes).  Some nightclubs will allow you to wear casual clothes during the week, but you may need to be smarter on Friday and Saturday nights.  Nightclubs will almost always have a cloakroom where you can leave your coat for a small fee.  It tends to be safer to leave your coat in the cloakroom and better than leaving it at home as it can be very cold waiting for a taxi or bus late at night!

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