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'Laura, what do British people think when they hear learners speak English?'


The other week, one of my students asked me if it’s really funny for British people to hear all of the mistakes made by non-native speakers. Another one chipped in with an anecdote of how he’d been in the pub with a group of Brits who had seemingly made no effort to adapt their language to take account of the fact that English wasn’t his first language. I bought myself some time with the classic response ‘Hmm, that’s a really interesting question.’ However, I wasn’t lying – it is a really interesting question, one which I’ll attempt to give a multi-stranded response to this week.

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James Bond

50 Years of James Bond


This year the James Bond franchise celebrates its 50 year anniversary with the release of the new Bond movie Skyfall, which is receiving some very positive reviews. Some people are calling it the best Bond movie ever, and it is likely to become the highest earning film of the franchise so far.


In this blog post one of our trainers, Luke, is going to give a brief overview of the history of the Bond franchise and then tell you what he thought of Skyfall.

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All hail the Prezi-dent!


He’s back. After one of the hardest fought Presidential elections in recent years, Barack Obama was re-elected back into the White House for four more years. How did he do it, and what does this mean for the world in general?

Categorie: News Stories

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Wild London


Have you ever seen any wildlife in London? There are three common species which overrun the city – they are either vermin or cute and cuddly, depending on your viewpoint!

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BFI London Film festival


This year the BFI is hosting its 56th London Film Festival, where film fanatics can experience some Hollywood style glitz and glam, see their favourite celebrities and stay ahead of new releases.


Many thanks to our Guest Blogger Morag!

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Since 1912


If you’ve ever looked closely at our logo, you may have noticed the words “Since 1912”. This refers to the year that The London School of English opened its doors for business for the first time, and in this week’s post we’ll be having a look at how the school has marked the occasion.

Categorie: The London School of English

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Art In London


We have another guest blogger this week. One of our teachers Lavinia.

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Academic Grammar


As I mentioned in my brief post last week, this week I’m going to write about Julie Moore’s excellent webinar for OUP on Approaches to Teaching Academic Grammar. This was the first time I’d attended a webinar and I found the experience very interesting. Over a hundred attendees from all over the world could comment on and discuss Julie’s informative talk as she was giving it.

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Academic English


Many of our former students will be now be getting ready to start university in the UK. A major component of successful study at a British university is being able to understand and use academic English. That's why our English for University and IELTS preparation courses have a strong focus on helping students to develop their skills in this area.

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English For University Afternoon Classes


This month I’ve been teaching the English For University course in the afternoons. My class is at an intermediate level and so learning academic skills in English has been challenging for some of them, but as they have worked so hard they have improved a lot. We have been working hard on various different things.

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