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The BEC Vantage Exam


I’m due to teach a BEC Vantage course next week and I’m really looking forward to it. BEC stands for Business English Certificate and it is a Cambridge ESOL Examination which tests learners on their English ability through a business context. The exam tests a learner’s knowledge of the English language not their knowledge of business and so the exam is divided into four areas which are reading, writing speaking and listening.

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English for University: How to read and listen well


In this week’s post I’ll be looking at some of the differences between how you use your English skills in general English and how you use them in academic English. This post covers how to read and listen well in academic English.

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The London School of English Reading Challenge


I’ve loved reading ever since I learnt to read, and in this week’s post I’m going to set you an exciting reading challenge to complete by the end of 2013! Read on to find out more...

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Let It Snow - London Is Hit By Snow


So this morning London has been hit with the first heavy snowfall of the winter. Most students have made it to class today, although some arrived late as the blizzard has caused problems on the roads, buses and trains. The snow and the travel disruption look set to continue this evening and as a result lots of people are trying to leave work early.

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With Barry Flanagan: Travels through Time and Spain by Richard McNeff


The TEFL industry attracts teachers who have more skills than teaching, and the London School of English has quite a few people like this. Among the staff, there are artists, musicians, lawyers, journalists, an actor, a story-teller, a comedian, a cake-maker, a singer, and a novelist. Today, Robert introduces one of our trainers, Richard's new book.

NY Resolutions

New Year's Resolutions


In this week's blog post we're taking a look at New Year's resolutions and suggesting what you can do to improve your English in the coming year.

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A Christmas story from Taiwan


Christmas is traditionally a time of sharing and a time of giving. In this spirit, we would like to share a story from one of our former students from Taiwan. James, who is a 65 year old retired business man, studied Intensive General English at our Westcroft Square centre earlier in the year. When he retired, he decided to come to London for twelve weeks to learn English so that he could go home and volunteer as an English teacher in a poor area in the mountains where there is no funding for language teachers. While he was in London, James bought supplies to send home so that there was something to teach from.

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Long-Stay Student Consultancy


Living abroad can be quite a challenge. That's why we have a Long-Stay Consultant at our Westcroft Square centre! She will advise you on how to develop your study skills, work closely with you to help maximise your language learning and be in regular contact to help you to stay focussed and motivated.

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Join us for Christmas Jumper Day!


In the UK people often get lots of presents from Father Christmas, but as the British pop sensation Cliff Richard points out in his hit single, Christmas is also “a time for giving”. Traditionally, Christmas is the season of goodwill and so who better to help than deprived children all over the world?


Here is a blog post written by one of our trainer Claudia.

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'Laura, what do British people think when they hear learners speak English?'


The other week, one of my students asked me if it’s really funny for British people to hear all of the mistakes made by non-native speakers. Another one chipped in with an anecdote of how he’d been in the pub with a group of Brits who had seemingly made no effort to adapt their language to take account of the fact that English wasn’t his first language. I bought myself some time with the classic response ‘Hmm, that’s a really interesting question.’ However, I wasn’t lying – it is a really interesting question, one which I’ll attempt to give a multi-stranded response to this week.

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