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If you are coming to us to prepare for a university course you may choose a combination of courses.  For some people a period on the Intensive General English course is helpful before starting the English for University course.  The information below should help you decide which courses to take.

The courses are similar because:

  • Both have a progress test at the end of each course.
  • Both have two tutorials, one mid-course and one in the final week to plan a continued learning path.
  • Both have a regular lecture at Westcroft Square.
  • Both have a maximum group size of 12.
  • Both have a minimum age of 18.
  • Both are 22 hours per week.
  • Both cost the same.

The table below outlines some of the differences between the courses:

Intensive General EnglishEnglish for University
The course is designed entirely around the needs of the group.Whilst the course is adapted to the group’s needs, it is designed more firmly around the needs of a university student.
Topics are general and depend on the needs of the group.Topics are university and study related.
Skills covered are broad and depend on the needs of the group.Focus on project work, academic presentations and other study related skills.
Wide range of vocabulary.Focus on academic vocabulary and The Academic Word List.
Writing – input is dependent on the needs of the course participants. Writing – essays as well as topics related to academic writing, such as plagiarism and critical thinking.
Speaking – focus on general communication (eg the language of discussion) Speaking – preparing for seminars and tutorials (eg the language of debate), dealing with potential problems in university life.
Listening – development of skills and strategies for different types of listening (eg listening for detail).Listening – Extended listening and note taking skills to prepare for lectures.
Reading – general reading skills (eg articles, internet).Reading – Accessing academic texts.
Social input – general social interaction.Social input – preparation for university life.
No regular external visits.One visit to a university every course.
You can start any week except the last week of the course.
You can start any week except the last three weeks of the course.
You can finish any week (except in July and August).
You can finish any week except the second and third to last weeks.
Minimum booking 2 weeks, no maximum booking.
Minimum booking 4 weeks, maximum booking 26 weeks.
Average age 29Average age 25
Levels 2-8
Levels 4-7

Rosie helped me throughout the process. She helped me find the right course combination at the best university for me and showed me the right way to fill in the application form. It was very important to have her guidance on how to do the personal statement.

Alam Alghamdi, Saudi Arabia

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