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The London School of English - 10 reasons

10 things to consider when selecting a language school in London


Choosing the right language school isn’t easy! London in particular has a wide range of language schools. At times, it’s difficult to know where to start. Here are our top 10 things to consider when choosing your next course.

The Other London


In this week’s post, our guest writer Robert takes us on a tour of some the more unusual sights of our nation’s capital. Robert is a journalist by trade, and has been teaching at the school for the last four years.

Everything you need to know about Cambridge exams 2 – FCE and CAE


With our final FCE and CAE courses of the year starting next month, we decided to look at some useful tips and hints for students planning on taking one of our exam courses. Our trainer Laura shares her insights into teaching FCE and CAE and gives us the lowdown on getting the most out of your course.

The London School of English BEC exams

Everything you need to know about Cambridge exams 1 – BEC Vantage and BEC Higher


In this week’s post, we interviewed our Courses Manager Ben about the Cambridge Business English Certificate exams. With our next preparation courses starting soon, we thought that this was the perfect time to pick his brains!

Top 4 tips to handle job interviews in English


One of the most daunting experiences for any speaker of English as a foreign language is the job interview. In this week’s post, our Managing Director Hauke Tallon shares his thoughts on this most dreaded of tasks, and offers four simple tips to help you perform better.

Applying to university in the UK - Four things international students need to know!


Every September, many of our former students start their university course in the UK. We are always sad to say goodbye to them as they start the next stage of their education, but we are very proud of their achievement and wish them the very best of luck for the future.

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The London School of English - Effective Lecturing Skills in English

Effective Lecturing Skills in English


In this week’s post our trainer Anne talks about her recent experiences of teaching Effective Lecturing Skills in English, taking her from the classroom in London all the way to a conference in Valencia, Spain. Anne tells us more below.

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Top 6 places to eat near Holland Park


A few weeks ago Ben blogged about the best places to eat near our Westcroft Square centre. Not to be outdone, in this week’s post Andy has a look at the best local eateries around our Holland Park Gardens centre. As much as we like the places on this list, remember that all London School students get a free lunch as part of their course.

The Cream Tea debate - The London School of English

The Cream Tea Debate


What is the first thing that comes to mind when you think of British food? Fish and Chips? Roast Beef? Shepherd’s Pie? Chances are, you probably don’t think of one of Britain’s quaintest treats: The Cream Tea. It may well be unfamiliar to many people outside the UK, but to the British it is almost an institution. In this week’s post, my best friend at the school, Jen takes a knife to this most traditional of British treats, and the controversy that surrounds just how you are supposed to eat it!

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Three reasons why English spelling is confusing


In this week’s post, Akiko takes a look at the common problems associated with spelling in English, and reveals that these problems may run much deeper than you might expect.

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