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Top 6 places to eat near Holland Park


A few weeks ago Ben blogged about the best places to eat near our Westcroft Square centre. Not to be outdone, in this week’s post Andy has a look at the best local eateries around our Holland Park Gardens centre. As much as we like the places on this list, remember that all London School students get a free lunch as part of their course.

The Cream Tea debate - The London School of English

The Cream Tea Debate


What is the first thing that comes to mind when you think of British food? Fish and Chips? Roast Beef? Shepherd’s Pie? Chances are, you probably don’t think of one of Britain’s quaintest treats: The Cream Tea. It may well be unfamiliar to many people outside the UK, but to the British it is almost an institution. In this week’s post, my best friend at the school, Jen takes a knife to this most traditional of British treats, and the controversy that surrounds just how you are supposed to eat it!

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Three reasons why English spelling is confusing


In this week’s post, Akiko takes a look at the common problems associated with spelling in English, and reveals that these problems may run much deeper than you might expect.

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One simple secret to giving a good presentation


Last week, I was invited to a digital marketing conference in Liverpool, where I attended workshops with Google, Microsoft, ASDA, Oxfam etc. The conference was about social media and online marketing, and although it was a manic day it was also very inspiring. Many of the presenters talked about how to communicate well and a key phrase that they kept returning to was ‘story telling’.

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The London School of English - Scavenger Hunt

Scavenger Hunt


Earlier this month, as part of our new Intensive General English summer programme, the course participants at our Westcroft Square Centre took part in a Scavenger Hunt. A Scavenger Hunt is a game, usually played outside, in which the players, who are often divided into teams, have to collect a number of miscellaneous objects. Scavenger Hunts are often used by companies as team-building exercises because they encourage communication and planning. The London School of English Scavenger Hunt took place in Stamford brook which is where our Westcroft square centre is located.

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Top 5 Places To Eat Near Westcroft Square


Our Westcroft Square centre is located in leafy Stamford Brook, with a variety of local businesses and great places to eat in the area. Lunch is included in the price of all of our courses, but if you’re looking for something to eat in the evening or at the weekend, here are our top 5 places to grab a bite to eat for a reasonable price - all within a 2 minute walk of the school.

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Book review – Getting to Yes


How often do you read? What types of book do you like? What was the last book you read in English? It can be difficult to find something suitable to read in English, so we’re going to give you some book recommendations from time to time. In today’s post, Laura reviews a popular business book which was recommended to her by one of our course participants!

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The London School of English summer General English course

London is our classroom - A new makeover for our Intensive General English course this summer


It’s that time of the year again: Wimbledon; strawberries and cream; music festivals; hay fever; deckchairs; picnics in the park; ice cream; barbecues; and, of course, sunburn. Summer in London is all of these things and more.

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The London School of English - British Accent

How good is your British accent? How good does it need to be?


For many people, the correct use of grammar and a broad range of vocabulary is the be all and end all when learning English. Unfortunately, communicating effectively involves much more than the right words and tenses: accent and pronunciation play a key role.

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The London School of English - Why are you thinking about learning better English?

Why are you thinking about learning better English?


If you’re reading this, chances are you’re considering the idea of improving your standard of English. You probably know this will take effort and determination. Even so, you are willing to do it. That’s because you know it will be worthwhile. You’re right, as this blog will explain.

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