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London School of English trainers Richard Mcneff and Douglas Williams at IATEFL 2013

IATEFL Diary Part 3


In part thee of our IATEFL diary, one of our trainers Richard tells you about his experiences at the conference!

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From L-R: Andy, Mary, Karen, Lukasz, Brenda, Daragh

The Quality English Oxford Fun Run


I’ve been an avid runner for many years, completing marathons and half-marathons, 10km and 5km races. I try to run regularly, even when I’m away from home or on holiday. I love the feeling I get from running and the camaraderie among the runners in the big events. So when I heard about a fun run that had been organised especially for language schools, I had to get involved.

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Winner of the Business English UK award for Excellence in Business English - Ed Pegg

London School Of English Grabs Top Teaching Award


There are a number of ways in which the performance of an organisation such as The London School of English can be measured. Robert tells you how the performance of a school can be measured.

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IATEFL Diary Part 2


In part two of our IATEFL diary, one of our trainers Douglas tells you about his experiences of running a workshop and gives you a few insights into the city of Liverpool.

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IATEFL main hall

IATEFL Diary part 1


Last week the annual IATEFL conference took place in Liverpool. Several trainers from the London School of English participated in the event and over the coming days and weeks we’ll each be giving our impressions of the conference and the city.

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Ear picture

Listening: Reaction v's Response


This post is written by guest blogger and English Language Trainer Michael Brooman.

In the process of study it can be easy to overlook the real reason for learning a second language and the purpose of language itself. Unless they intend to become a linguist or grammarian, people primarily learn English to improve their ability to communicate.

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easter choc egg

Easter Weekend in London


As you may or may not know, it’s Easter next weekend and for many people in the UK, including those at the London School of English, it means a few days off work.

We have bank holidays on Good Friday (29th March) and Easter Monday (1st April) so it’s a 4 day weekend and the school is closed except for a few individual tuition classes.

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English for University: How to write well


So, once you’ve prepared for your topic by doing plenty of reading and listening (in and out of class) you should be ready to write your essay. Below is some advice concerning grammar, plagiarism and critical thinking.

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BEC photo

The BEC Vantage Exam


I’m due to teach a BEC Vantage course next week and I’m really looking forward to it. BEC stands for Business English Certificate and it is a Cambridge ESOL Examination which tests learners on their English ability through a business context. The exam tests a learner’s knowledge of the English language not their knowledge of business and so the exam is divided into four areas which are reading, writing speaking and listening.

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English for University: How to read and listen well


In this week’s post I’ll be looking at some of the differences between how you use your English skills in general English and how you use them in academic English. This post covers how to read and listen well in academic English.

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