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English For University Afternoon Classes


This month I’ve been teaching the English For University course in the afternoons. My class is at an intermediate level and so learning academic skills in English has been challenging for some of them, but as they have worked so hard they have improved a lot. We have been working hard on various different things.

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Olympic Rings

The feel-good factor


With the Olympic Games now over, it’s time to look back on what has been an amazing time to be British and especially a Londoner. In this week’s post, we’re going to look at the feel-good factor that has been spreading across Britain.

Comedy audience

Stand Up!


Did you know that stand-up comedy is massive in the UK? It’s just what it sounds like – the comedian stands up in front of the audience and tries to make them laugh, with varying degrees of success. Last month a group of students checked out English Comedy 4U, a new stand-up comedy night aimed especially at learners of English.

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My New Kitchen


I bought my own flat in London about 6 years ago. It’s a simple one-bedroom place on the 9th floor of an old building. It is perfect for me. The only problem when I moved in was that there was no oven, and the kitchen needed to be replaced. My Dad said to me “Don’t leave it too long before you get a new kitchen. It’ll be fantastic to have a smart new kitchen.” “Ok Dad” I replied, “I’ll get a new kitchen sorted out soon!” 6 years later I am now finally in the process of having a new kitchen installed. I know what you’re thinking, “How did you survive for 6 years without an oven Luke?” Well, the local take-away curry place knows me by name and all I need to do when I’m hungry is call them and say “Hi, it’s Luke. Can I have the usual please?” 15 minutes later a curry is delivered to my door...

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Body Idioms Wordle

Head over heels!


Have you ever noticed how many English idioms involve body parts? These idioms are often much more expressive than their non-idiomatic synonyms.


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Flaming Luke

Let the Games begin!


With the Olympic Games starting today, the whole world will be watching London. In today's blog post, Laura and Andy talk about the rising excitement and anticipation in the capital over the last few days.

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Two taps in the bathroom


As an English teacher you usually work in one of two situations: as a foreigner living as a ‘guest’ in another country, or as a native living as a ‘host’ to your own country.


A very common topic of conversation in any English lesson is the experiences of living in the country in which your lessons take place. These conversations often begin with a comment on the weather, or some other shared experience and then will develop to include all manner of interesting points of view on the cultural peculiarities of the host country…


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Theatre 01

Go to the Globe!


Two weeks ago I went to the Globe theatre for the first time. I’d wanted to go for a long time before that but it is pretty hard to get your hands on tickets; well for seats, that is. Of course you can stand but you need to remember that some Shakespeare plays can last well over 3 hours, there is no roof on the theatre, and last but not least, that the weather in English summertime is characterised by rain. Am I putting you off? Well, don’t be. I can honestly say it was well worth the wait!

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BC Olympics

iPhone English: Sports World


With the Olympic Games right around the corner, we’re continuing our series of posts related to the big event. This week, it’s time to brush up on your vocabulary and knowledge of the big event as we take a quick look at the latest app from The British Council, themed entirely around the games.

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Olympic Park

Olympic fever


We’re almost there, only 16 days and counting until the Olympic Games starts in London. People are beginning to get excited and nervous as the big event draws ever nearer. Next week, the Olympic torch relay comes to London and will be passing right outside The London School of English. We’re going to be talking a lot about the Olympics over the next few weeks and this week we’re looking at the preparations thus far.

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