Make yourself at home while staying with one of our experienced British hosts who have opened up their houses to welcome you. Choosing homestay accommodation offers you an true experience of living in England, allowing you to experience British culture and a chance to completely immerse yourself in the English language. 

Homestay combines quality, friendliness and provides you with a better understanding of British culture. It is suitable for both people who want a lot of contact with their host and for those who prefer to be independent and explore London by themselves. We are very careful in selecting our homestay accommodation which is of high quality. 

Get to know some of our hosts

Chris and Sue's story

Choosing homestay

Since many hosts have been working with us for several years, they understand your expectations. We carefully check feedback from our clients to make sure that course participants who stay in homestay are happy and that standards remain high. We will usually arrange for you to stay with the same host during your stay, but sometimes it is necessary to stay with more than one host. 

As every student's preferences are different, we always do our best to make a good match between you and our hosts. Please inform us of any special wishes and requirements when you book your course so that we can find the right place for you to stay.

Please note that at least half of our homestay hosts have pets. Therefore, please tell us that you need a home without pets if this is necessary (if you have allergies for example).

Homestay options in London

Please find an overview of our homestay options below:

(Shared bathroom) 
price per week 
Bed & breakfast only £180
Bed & breakfast and 3 evening meals £220
Bed & breakfast and evening meals every day £265
(Private bathroom) 
price per week   
Bed & breakfast only£255
Bed & breakfast and 3 evening meals £300

*£25 per week summer accommodation supplement from 30th June to 1st September 2019.

  • All homestays in London are a maximum of 40 minutes from school (on foot or public transport)
  • Extra night (if available) is £40 (e.g. arriving Saturday or leaving Monday) 
  • Dietary intolerance or food allergies (e.g. gluten, dairy) or special requirements (e.g. vegan) are £20 per week

Accommodation placement fee: £60

Homestay options in Canterbury

(Shared bathroom) 
price per week 
Bed & breakfast and 3 evening meals **£165
(Private bathroom & daily taxi service)
price per week 
Bed & breakfast and evening meals every day**£350

*No summer supplement for accommodation in Canterbury
** Silver homestay: Evening meals with host family on Sunday, Monday and Wednesday and the school social programme on Thursday. Platinum homestay: Half board during the week (breakfast and dinner), full board (all meals) at the weekend.

  • All Platinum homestays are a maximum of 25 minutes from the centre. We provide a free daily taxi service for Platinum homestay (as many times as needed) if your homestay is not within easy walking distance 
  • All Silver homestays are a maximum of 25 minutes from our centre (on foot or public transport)
  • Extra night (if available) is £25 for Silver homestay and £45 for Platinum (e.g. arriving Saturday or leaving Sunday) 
  • Provision for dietary intolerance or food allergies (e.g. gluten, dairy) or special requirements (e.g. vegan) is £20 per week
  • Accommodation placement fee: £60 

Accommodation placement fee: £60


Please see our terms and conditions.


Please note that hosts usually offer only Continental breakfast (not cooked).

Homestay accommodation in London is available from the Sunday before your course starts until the Sunday after it ends (only applicable to full week courses). This is only applicable when booked together with the course. There may be extra charges if the departure date is changed after the booking has been confirmed. 

Homestay accommodation in Canterbury is available from the Sunday before your course starts until the Saturday after it ends

If you want to arrive earlier or leave later, we will try to arrange this but we may have to offer you an alternative option such as a hotel for the extra nights.

We recommend clients to arrange their arrival in the late afternoon/early evening and leave in the morning of their date of departure.

Other arrival and departure times may be possible but you must request this as early as possible with the school to see if this is acceptable with the host family. 

Becoming a homestay host

If you are interested in becoming a host please contact us for further details, rates and an interview.

Accommodation Services

Tel: (0)20 7605 4123 or send an e-mail to: 

Homestay Guide

Homestay Guide

Download our homestay guide


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