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平均年龄: 38

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Course content

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  • 为某次重要的演讲做准备
  • 提高在英语语言会议上、研讨会上或其它会议上的自信心
  • 对某些具体领域的偏好或兴趣方面给予优先关注
  • 提高英语语言使用等各个方面的整体自信心水平
  • 个人整体水平提高的需要



The benefits

What you can expect to achieve from your course


  • 将大幅度提高您的优势
  • 了解自己的语言问题并确定将来的关注方面。
  • 更加自信、流畅及准确地讲话
  • 灵活使用扩大的词汇库

Dates and fees

When this course takes places and how much it costs

Course dates (2016)


Course fees (2016)

2016 (Lunch at the school is included in all course fees)

Standard times (08.00 - 19.00 / Monday - Friday, except holidays)

1:1 : £80/person/hour

2:1 : £50/person/hour

At all other times and holidays

1:1 : £100/person/hour

2:1 : £64/person/hour

Case Study

Read about the experiences of our course participants on this course

Maria Elard, Swiss

Maria Elard came to The London School of English in July with an offer from King’s College to study an LLM in Intellectual Property Law in September. With such a limited time to meet the IELTS requirement, she was happy to receive our advice about the best study plan for her. As she had already taken IELTS but had not met the requirement, she decided to take 3 weeks 1-1 tuition in order to focus specifically on her weakest IELTS skills, in particular her reading skills.

Maria was extremely satisfied with how her teacher organised and taught the lessons, and after 3 weeks hard work, she took the IELTS test and not only met but exceeded the requirements, gaining an excellent score of 7.5.


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My English has really improved in these 4 weeks. My beloved teacher Emma Camara did a good job with me! Thank you!


I would like to thank the school for having made the impossible possible in my case. I was in a hurry to prepare for my IELTS test so I could be admitted to King's College, London and because of their advice, their coordination and their care, I achieved my goal in a very short time. I highly recommend the one to one class methods. The classes were very clear and well structured and they really helped me to understand what is essential in this kind of test.
Good luck!

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