English for University - Virtual Groups

English for University covers the academic English and practical study skills you will need to study at university. You will develop your confidence and skill in important areas such as research, making group presentations, critical analysis and extended writing.

Who is it for?

Our English for University course is designed for international and EU students preparing for undergraduate and postgraduate degrees and advanced studies at university in the UK and other English-speaking countries. Keeping our groups small (maximum 12 students) really-helps your learning and progress.

Some of our alumni universities:


At the end of the course you can expect to:

  • Listen to lectures more effectively
  • Write academic texts more confidently
  • Develop your academic vocabulary and grammar
  • Gain the research skills required on a university course
  • Understand better the study culture at university
  • Clearly express your ideas and opinions in discussions 

Course content

English for University increases your knowledge of academic English as well as your study skills. It also helps you become an independent learner so that you are fully prepared to study at degree level in English.

 You can expect to cover the following areas:

  • Using and understanding academic vocabulary and grammar

  • Academic listening skills such as extended listening, active listening and note-taking
  • Academic reading skills such as finding information quickly in texts, summarising and paraphrasing (putting ideas in a text into your own words)

  • Academic writing skills such as planning and linking ideas, essay structure and presenting an argument

  • Academic speaking skills such as leading presentations and discussions, taking part in seminars, debating and explaining ideas.

  • Doing research, analysing, developing and expressing your opinion

  • Working together as a team with colleagues towards a final presentation and essay

A key part of the English for University Course is the research project where you work on an essay and a group presentation. You will be assessed and given in-depth feedback on both.

Example of essay and presentation topics

Essay assessment forms

Presentation assessment form

Optional self-study: before or after your classes, you can use the self-study area in the centre. There are computers, a printer and plenty of desk space available. The self-study area is available whenever the centre is open. See the opening times here.

Included in fees

Fees include training plus:

  • All course materials and resources

  • Networking reception

  • Access to the self-study area

  • Visit to a London University

  • Detailed end-of-course progress report

  • Support from University Relations Manager

When we are open: Check our standard opening times and the days when our centres are closed on public holidays by clicking this link.

  • location Online
  • students Maximum group size: 12
  • age Minimum age: 18
  • duration Duration: 4 weeks
  • time 24 hours per week
    09.15 - 15.45 (Monday to Friday)
  • dates Course start dates

    30 October
    27 November

    8 March
    10 May
    26 July
    23 August
    25 October
  • timetable Sample week
  • price £325 per week

English Level

  • 1
  • 2
  • 3
  • 4
  • 5
  • 6
  • 7
  • 8
  • 9

Level 1 (Beginner)

I do not speak any English.

Level 2 (Elementary)

I can say and understand a few things in English.

Level 3 (Pre-Intermediate)

I can communicate simply and understand in familiar situations but only with some difficulty.

Level 4 (Low Intermediate)

I can make simple sentences and can understand the main points of a conversation but need much more vocabulary.

Level 5 (Intermediate)

I can speak and understand reasonably well and can use basic tenses but have problems with more complex grammar and vocabulary.

Level 6 (Upper Intermediate)

I speak and understand well but still make mistakes and fail to make myself understood occasionally.

Level 7 (Pre-Advanced)

I speak and understand well but still make mistakes and fail to make myself understood occasionally.

Level 8 (Advanced)

I speak and understand very well but sometimes have problems with unfamiliar situations and vocabulary.

Level 9 (Very Advanced)

I speak and understand English completely fluently.