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The London School of English has never limited its activities to its courses in the UK. In selected locations around the world, The London School of English Group operates in collaboration with local partners. See the list of our franchise partners.

As long ago as the 1960s it also regularly sent teams of teachers to work for clients abroad, and in recent years it has run courses and corporate English training in locations both within Europe - such as Norway, Germany, Switzerland and Poland - and further afield, such as China, Mozambique, Kyrgyzstan and Azerbaijan.

Internationally, we have been commissioned by corporate and Government clients to deliver courses and projects in a wide variety of countries in Europe, Asia, the Middle East and Africa.

We have delivered tailored programmes overseas for corporate clients in sectors including:

  • Law
  • Insurance
  • Banking
  • Energy (Oil; and Nuclear)
  • Engineering

Government and other public-sector client organisations for whom we have delivered tailored courses overseas have been ministries and departments in fields including:

  • Higher education
  • Foreign Affairs
  • Customs & excise
  • Health & development

To discuss the delivery of our programmes and services in your country and to receive further information, please contact us:

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