This is an academic English course for international and EU students preparing for university study in the UK and other English speaking countries.

If you are planning to go to university in the UK or another English speaking country, the required IELTS level is a start but this is not enough to be able to excel in your degree. You will benefit from studying academic English and developing  your study skills so that you will be successful in your university programme from day 1.

This course is recognised as being excellent preparation for both undergraduate and postgraduate degree level study by leading UK universities (see our University links). It focuses on the key skills that students need at university such as doing research, making group presentations, writing extended essays and critical analysis.

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All of the key information you need to know about this course

  • Course level:

Levels 4 - 7 on the school's level scale


  • Course length:

Minimum registration 4 weeks

No maximum booking

Semi-flexible start dates (please see more details on our course dates and fees page). Course end date is fixed as you will be working towards a final project.

  • Participant's age:

Minimum age: 18
Average age: 29

  • Group size:

Maximum 12

  • Hours per week:

22 hours per week (22 x 60 minutes)
09.15 - 15.45 (Monday - Thursday), 09.15 - 12.45 (Friday)

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  • What is included?

Fees include training plus:

Who's it for?

Find out if this course is suitable for your needs 

This course is designed for international and EU students preparing for university study in the UK and other English speaking countries.

Group sizes are small (maximum 12) - so you can expect to get real results.

Course content

The areas that you can expect to cover during a typical course

The English for University Course has an assessed project based approach (See the box below). On this course, you will develop your Academic English knowledge as well as general language skills. Key areas include:

  • Developing learner independence by regularly updating and analysing Learner Journals
  • Academic listening skills such as extended listening, active listening and note-taking.
  • Academic reading skills such as finding information quickly in texts, summarizing and paraphrasing.
  • Develop extensive reading skills and learn to summarize your findings in a seminar setting by using graded readers.
  • Academic writing skills such as planning and linking ideas, essay structure and presenting an argument.
  • Academic speaking skills such as leading presentations and discussions, taking part in seminars, debating and expressing an opinion.
  • Working collaboratively with colleagues towards a final presentation and essay as you will be expected to do at university level study.

On this course, you will have opportunities to focus on the following general language areas:

  • developing communication strategies, such as expressing opinions and agreeing/disagreeing
  • active speaking about a variety of general topics.
  • practical grammar
  • vocabulary expansion – learning new words and expressions
  • watching DVDs and listening to a range of audio materials to practise and develop listening skills
  • computer-based language learning. 

Assessed project based approach

On the English for University Course you will work towards completing an essay individually and a presentation as part of a team.

For the essay you will be given a title and helped by your trainer to start your research. You will be expected to complete a draft essay, which your trainer will give you extensive feedback on. You will then use this feedback to produce your final essay by the end of the course. This essay will be assessed and you will be given a final grade.

Example of essay and presentation topics 

Essay assessment forms 

For your presentation, you will work with a colleague to research and prepare a final 10 minutes presentation on a topic given to you by your trainer. This presentation will be assessed and you will receive written feedback with your final report

Presentation assessment form 

Final report form 

You can find more detailed information about what you will be expected to do in the English for University Handbook 

The benefits

What you can expect to achieve from your course

This course will give you the practical English language skills you need for academic study. 

You will

  • be taught by specialised EAP (English for Academic Purposes) trainers
  • improve your basic language skills
  • improve your ability to cope with the specific language demands of a university course – for example listening to lectures or writing assignments
  • learn the study skills and research skills you will need at university to give you a better chance of succeeding at university
  • visit a London based university and attend a specially designed lecture 
  • get a better understanding of the study culture at British universities
  • learn about the social culture at British universities and ways that you can get the most out of university life
  • increase your confidence so that you can start your degree successfully.

Read more about the difference between preparing for a degree course at a university, and preparing at The London School of English.

Helping you with the next stage

Our University Relations Manager can help you choose a suitable UK institution. We have relationships with a number of universities and some of them offer alternative English language tests so you may not need to take the IELTS exam. We also have links to a wide range of other educational providers if you are interested in non degree courses such as art and design or fashion.

Case Studies

Read about the experiences of our course participants on this course

Otar Sherozia, Georgian

Course at London School: 4 week EFU course
Level: 6.0
University study: MBA at London Business School 2012

The London School of English ‘English for university’ course was a very important experience for me. The most useful aspect of the course is that it is tailored to each student’s particular needs, thus giving you the opportunity to improve the areas you think are not strong enough. Part of the program covers academic writing skills which was the most useful experience for me. It helped not only to improve my general essay writing skills but also to be more clear and concise in everyday written communication that is an indispensable part of university life.

I would recommend EFU program to everyone planning to study in the UK. I found it to be a good warm up before doing my MBA and of course it was an exciting opportunity to get acquainted with English culture.

Tzu Ju Wang, Taiwanese

Courses at London School:EFU 7 weeks
Progress: 6.5 – 7.5
University study: MA at Imperial College London (2011 - 12)

Right before I started doing a Master at Imperial College London, I chose to take the EFU course at London School of English. However, it is not only the EFU course which impressed me.  I was surprised by the support and resources the school provides for students who need help with, for example, university application procedures. During my stay at London School of English, Ms. Rosie, the University Relations Manager, was always patient and helpful. She gave great advice and support. More importantly, she cares about what students need. And thanks to her, I not only improved my English but I also saw the beauty of the British.

imperial college london的碩士課程開始之前,我上了london school of Englishenglish for university的課。不過,讓我留下良好印象的並不只是EFU課程本身。還有London school of english對於需要幫助的學生,例如申請大學的程序,所提供的資源和幫助。我在london school of english的那段時間,Ms. Rosie, the University Relations Manager,總是很有耐心並且幫助我很多。她給我建議還有支持。更重要的是,她在乎學生需要什麼。因為她,我不只英文進步了,也因此感受了一種英國美。

Vasin Trankijjanoeun, Thai

Courses at London School:
IGC 23 weeks
YBE 2 weeks
Progress: 5.0 - 6.0
University study: MSc Logistics at University of Greenwich 

The courses at London School of English helped me prepare me for my degree because there are a wide range of courses available and I could choose the ones that were most important and interesting for me.

 I really improved all my English skills – reading, writing, speaking, and listening  while studying IGE because there were many in-class exercises and activities that motivated me to improve my English.

The best thing about the YBE course was that it focused on a variety of specialist business areas and so I learnt the relevant business language that we can use in real life.

Studying at The London School of English was really helpful before I moved on to university because I made several close international friends and the after class activities helped me settle into the UK and improve my English skills ready for my university degree and for university life.

ครอสเรียนที่โรงเรียน London School of English มีหลากหลายครอสให้เลือกเรียนแล้วแต่ความสนใจของนักเรียนแต่ละคน ซึ่งช่วยให้นักเรียนสามารถเตรียมตัวและพัฒนาความรู้ในการศึกษาต่อในอนาคต

ในระหว่างการเรียนครอส Intensive General English ครอสเรียนมีงานให้ทำในระหว่างคาบและกิจกรรมในห้องซึ่งสามารถช่วยให้นักเรียนพัฒนาทักษะความรู้ทางด้านการ ฟัง พูด อ่าน เขียนภาษาอังกฤษ

การเรียนของครอส Young Business English เป็นครอสที่เน้นเกี่ยวกับภาษาอังกฤษที่เน้นเกี่ยวกับความหลากหลายในการสนทนาและทักษะความรู้เชิงธุรกิจที่สามารถนำไปใช้ในชีวิตประจำวัน

การเรียนที่โรงเรียน The London School of English ช่วยให้นักเรียนเตรียมตัวในการศึกษาต่อมหาลัยเพราะทางโรงเรียนมีชาวต่างชาติและกิจกรรมนอกห้องเรียนมากมายที่สามารถทำให้นักเรียนเกิดความคุ้นเคยในการสื่อสารภาษาอังกฤษ

Yu-Lun Chen, Taiwanese

Courses at London School:
IGC 15 weeks
EFU 8 weeks
IELTS 7 weeks
Starting level: 4.5
Current level (after 14 weeks): 5.5
University study: Preparing to study MA Illustration at University of the Arts, London

I am here to improve my English skills so that when I do my Masters I can participate in seminars and tutorials, carry out my research and write my thesis.
Intensive General English was very intense, with friendly teachers who knew how to develop my English skills and help me make progress because they identified my weaknesses and showed me how to work on them.
I really need to focus on writing and this is what I am doing on the English for University course. I am enjoying the pair and group work and the teachers give me a lot of individual support.

我選擇了這間語言學校做為我未來申請碩士的語言準備,藉此盡早習慣學術性的論文寫作Intensive General English 的授課非常的活用,友善老師們的指導,並仔細衡量學生的上課及進步情況他們指出哪些是我的缺點,跟我一起努力改善進步.我很開心能English for university 專注在寫作技巧,也很開心在這項課程裡能有團隊合作,老師們也給了足的個別指

Wen-Chi Ho, Taiwanese

Courses at London School:
IGC 27 weeks
EFU 9 weeks
Progress: 4.5 – 6.5
University study: Preparing for a Masters at Laureate International Universities

Before I came here I was told this school was one of the best in the UK and had been bringing language to life for 100 years – and it’s true! I have to say they have high quality teaching and I have improved my English in a very short time.

The English for University course has been really useful as I am preparing to study at university in Europe so I need academic English skills for this.

Overall there is a nice atmosphere and the other students’ level of English is high which is really helpful.

在來到這裡之前,我的代辦推薦我這間學校,他們告訴我這是倫敦最好的語言學校之一,同時也擁有將語言帶入生活一百年的經驗,而這是事實! 我想說,這間學校有很好的教學品質,也因此在短時間內我的英文有明顯的進步。



Yoko Irisawa, Japanese

Courses at London School:
IGC 21 weeks
IELTS 4 weeks
Progress: 4.5 to 5.5
University study: Institute of International Education, PGDip Teaching Japanese 2012

When I was looking for an English School in London, I asked my agent which school in London has the best teachers, and they introduced me to the London School of English.

I studied at this school for six months and found what they had said was correct.
The teachers were amazing. They were dedicated and so interesting that I never found any of the lessons boring.

When my English course finished I started a new course at the Institute of International Education about learning to teach Japanese as a foreign language and I am now a trainee Japanese teacher. On this course, I learnt a lot of different teaching methods and this has given me insight into how the teachers at London School of English try different and effective methods of teaching with their classes.

In addition I should mention that the school helped me to find the course at the Institute of International Education. Whenever I asked for advice, the University Relations Manager listened to me sympathetically and with her and the other staff I could talk freely about anything and they were always helpful.

I’m sure you won’t be disappointed with this school and I would thoroughly recommend it.

Daeyoo Jeong, Korean

Courses at London School:
IGC 13 weeks
EFU 18 weeks
Progress: 5.0 to 7.0
University study: BA Fashion Design Womanswear, Central St Martins, University of the Arts 2012 - 2014

I was lucky to find the London School of English and the University Relations Manager, Rosie Ganne. What I found particularly useful while studying on the English for University course was how to carry out research and work on a project. Not only do they teach academic English of course but also the way to approach your assignment. The course is an ideal bridge for the gap between my IELTS study and my university life and is like a gateway to the British education system. Although I had got a place from my university before I came to LSE, Rosie helped me every time I had a question, from going to an open day to changing my offer to unconditional. When I plateaued in improving my English, she also encouraged me to continue studying.  I would not be here without their support.

Kimiko Mase, Japanese

Courses at London School:
IGC 10 weeks
IELTS 19 weeks
EFU 8 weeks
Progress: 5.0 to 6.5
University study: BA Economics and Development, SOAS, University of London 2011-14

Thanks to The London School of English, I was able to improve my English level enough to get into a university in the UK. In particular, my English improved dramatically during my IELTS course. This course is really well structured and all the teachers are highly skilled. In addition, my classmates were always very diligent so I was motivated by them too. As a result, I took this course 3 times (that is 19 weeks)!

When I was applying to SOAS, which was my dream, the University Relations Manager helped me by not only giving me useful information but also by checking my application and contacting the university. Her support and her contacts at the university were invaluable and surely, if it had not been for these, I would not have got into the best university for me.

In terms of accommodation, this school provided me with an amazing host family, through whom I was exposed to a lot of English culture. 

All things considered, it is not too much to say that The London School of English made my stay in London meaningful and my dream come true!

Bruna Cossi, Brazil

Courses at London School:
IGC 1 week
FCE 8 weeks
YBE 4 weeks
IELTS 7 weeks
Progress: 5 – 6.5
University study: BA Business Administration Study Abroad Programme plus internship University of Westminster January 2013

When I first arrived at The London School of English, I didn’t really know which course would be best for me. However Andy, the Courses Manager, advised me to do FCE after I spoke to him about my aims and needs. His advice was so valuable and so correct and in fact FCE was perfect for me as I could review all my grammar and fill in all the gaps in my knowledge. After that, I studied YBE for a few weeks and it was another great choice as I could expand my vocabulary a lot, get to know different people with different backgrounds and enjoy a completely different environment. Moreover, after all this time in London, I decided I wanted to study at a British University for a while, so I started doing the IELTS course, which prepared me very well for the IELTS exam and lead me to achieve the best score that I could. However I had to rush all the application documents for the university application, and once again the school staff helped me a lot. Rosie was amazing, she supported me filling in all the documents for the university in a week, a record time, and I was accepted for all that I applied for. I think I made a great decision going to London School of English, as to learn English you really need to spend time speaking English, and you can’t do that unless you take a full time course which this school offers, as well as having a friendly environment with welcoming people.

Carolina Andrades, Chile

Courses at London School:
IGC 1 week
FCE 8 weeks
YBE 4 weeks
IELTS 7 weeks
Progress: 5 – 6.5
University study: BA Business Administration Study Abroad Programme plus internship University of Westminster January 2013

My name is Carolina and I come from Chile. Last year, I decided to continue my postgraduate studies in London. After choosing a master´s degree program to follow in England I had to find a good place to improve my English proficiency. I also had to take IELTS exam and I needed a school that would help me achieve the level of English that was required by the University to be accepted on my chosen master’s program.

That is how I came across the London School of English, on the Internet. Is it not easy to choose a course through the Internet when you live far away, but for some reason I was sure of my decision. The course I decided to take was called English for University and it was perfectly suited for my language needs. First of all, the course has no more than 11 students, this makes it really easy to follow every class without distractions. Another important thing is that it is really useful and helpful that the person in charge of the class is always pushing you to improve your language skills and that also encourages you to be better and to be eager to learn more and more every day. 

Another important feature of the course is that the lessons are designed in a way that you are totally immersed in British culture. This helps you a lot if you decide to learn English in London. Finally, the staff are always available to students, so if you have any problems they will always try to help and guide you.

In general, I think this course is really worth taking if you want to improve or learn English. The course is intensive, but if you follow the instructions and work on the assignments they give you, you won´t have any problems and you will enjoy your stay in England.

Claudio Russello, Italy

Courses at London School:
IELTS 6 weeks 2011
Progress: 6.0 to 6.5
University study: MA Theory and Practice of Translation, SOAS, University of London 2011-12

My dream of studying in London could not have become reality if I had not got a
good mark in the IELTS. And the IELTS course I attended at The London School of English helped me greatly in achieving my goal. My speaking and writing skills in particular improved a lot because the teacher constantly gave me personal feedback which resulted in a high score in the final exam and are now essential at university. The organisation in small classes was an ideal learning environment, and also for socialising. We all got to know each other and we had so much fun in and outside the School – in fact we are all still in touch although we now live so far from each other.

I truly believe that my success in the IELTS exam and at university is mostly due to the programme I attended at The London School of English.

Gozde Doganyilmaz, Turkish

Courses at London School: IELTS 16 weeks
Progress: 5.0 – 6.5
University study: Preparing for a MA at the University of Bath, followed by a PHD.

Gozde has been studying IELTS for 4 months, she says it is a very intensive course which that has been a good experience for her.   

She feels that learning English in the UK is very different to being taught in her own country (Turkey) because “in the UK students are able to practice speaking more in English and with native English speakers”. She has found that living in the UK has helped her even more to improve her English and prepare for a UK university.

In the time she stayed here she has made good progress and she finds the teachers very good, she says:
“I find them very open-minded. We had a lot of discussions in the classes and they always respect our thoughts and more important they always listen and try to understand.”
She says the most thing she likes about the school is that the school “not only try to teach us English but also adopt us to the culture and make us get used to living in England. In this way we can feel more self-confident. “
Her advice to other students would be to “make sure they do their homework

Maria Vittoria Compagnoni, Italy

Courses at London School:
IGC 5 weeks
EFU 11 weeks
YBE 4 weeks
Progress: 4.0 – 8.0
University study: BA Human Resource Management, London Metropolitan University 2012-2015

My courses at The London School of English in Intensive English, followed by English for University and Young Business English, prepared me perfectly for the summer school course in Human Resource Management at Middlesex University and then for my Bachelor degree in the same subject at London Metropolitan University. This was a great pathway for me, through which I gained all the support and knowledge necessary for my degree.

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