The Cambridge Business English Certificate - BEC Higher examination is a useful qualification for people who need to use English as a foreign language for the purposes of international business and who are already in business-orientated work or preparing to follow such a career. The examination is aimed at an advanced level of competence.

We offer an intensive four-week preparation course for this exam. It can be taken as an independent course, but also combines very well with a period on the Business English 20 - 30 course.

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All of the key information you need to know about this course

  • Course level:

Levels 7 - 8 on the school's level scale


  • Fees:

  • Dates:


25th April - 20th May (exam: 21st May)
24th October - 18th Nov (exam: 19th Nov)

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  • Participants age:

Minimum age: 20
Average age: 32

  • Group size:

Maximum 10

  • Course length:

4 weeks (you must do the full course)

  • Hours per week:

24 hours per week (24 x 60 minutes)
09.30 - 16.00 Monday - Friday

  • Exam results:

Who's it for?

Find out if this course is suitable for your needs 

This course is aimed at hard working, motivated adults who would like to prepare thoroughly for Cambridge BEC Higher and maximise their chance of succeeding in the exam.

Course content

The areas that you can expect to cover during a typical course

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BEC Higher course materials relate directly to the key language skills and communication strategies which are tested in the exam.  These include:

  • company structures, systems, processes – eg presenting and describing company structure and processes; understanding and explaining a company's production, ordering and delivery systems; understanding and describing processes in one's company such as selection, promotion etc.
  • buying and selling – eg understanding prices and delivery dates; making and accepting offers; negotiating contracts
  • products and services – eg describing and presenting products; making comparisons, expressing opinions, preferences etc.
  • business issues – eg understanding and talking about general business topics such as management skills, promotional strategies, training courses, business services etc.
  • results and achievements – eg describing and explaining company performance and results, trends, events and changes
  • the office, general business environment and routine – eg arranging and rearranging appointments and meetings; planning future events and tasks; justifying decisions and past actions; understanding record of meetings
  • entertainment of clients, free time, relationships with colleagues and clients – eg welcoming a foreign visitor; thanking and expressing appreciation
  • using the telephone – eg giving and interpreting numerical data, common abbreviations and acronyms (as used in international business); taking messages; exchanging information
  • health and safety – eg understanding health and safety rules in the workplace; producing notices and instructions

The benefits

What you can expect to achieve from your course

By the end of the course you will be able to approach the four different components of the Cambridge BEC Higher exam more confidently:

  • the reading component - you will practise multiple choice comprehension questions covering key vocabulary, gap-filling tasks to test understanding of text structure, grammatical accuracy and range of vocabulary. There are also proof reading tasks which test sentence structure and error identification.
  • the writing component – you will practise writing short messages, letters, emails, reports and proposals.
  • the listening component – you will practise completing messages/forms using information heard; matching short extracts with descriptions of their general gist or topic; multiple choice questions about conversations, interviews or presentations
  • the speaking component – you will practise engaging in a conversation with the examiner about your work and interests; preparing and giving a brief presentation on a business related topic; exchanging information with another candidate on work-related topics; discussing general work-related topics.

Included in the fees

What is included in the fees

Fees include training plus:

  • Daily 3-course lunch (Monday to Friday)
  • Access to LondonSchool Online learning portal
  • All course material and resources
  • Detailed end-of-course report
  • Networking reception every Monday


Course fees do not include the examination fee. Students will only be registered for the examination after payment of the appropriate fees.

If you would like us to book an exam place for you, please tell us when you book your course.

A late fee may be payable for exam bookings received less than 3 weeks before the start date of the course.

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