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Cambridge Certificate in Advanced English shows that your ability to use English is at an advanced level, or level C1 according to The Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR).

The CAE certificate is well-known and recognised in over 100 countries worldwide and may be valuable for your international professional career and studies abroad. CAE Cambridge certificate is accepted by over 6,000 institutions globally.

Professional and friendly atmosphere, as well as highly qualified teachers is what you get by booking this course. This CAE exam course is very intensive course. Many participants come to London two or three months earlier and do our Intensive General English Courses before the start of the CAE Cambridge course.

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All of the key information you need to know about this course

  • Download course overview (PDF):
  • Course level:

Levels 7 - 8 on the school's level scale


  • Fees:


(9 weeks)
£3825 + £150 exam fee

(8 weeks)
£3400 + £150 exam fee

(4 weeks)
£1700 + £150 exam fee

  • Dates:


(9 weeks)
3rd April - 2nd June (exam: 3rd Jun)

(8 weeks)
16th October - 8th December (exam: 9th Dec)

(4 weeks)
31st July - 25th August (exam: 25th Aug)

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  • Participants age:

Minimum age: 18
Average age: 28

  • Group size:

Maximum 12

  • Course length:

9, 8 or 4 weeks (you must do the full course)

  • Hours per week:

24 hours per week (24 x 60 minutes)
09.15 - 15.45 Monday - Friday

Who's it for?

Find out if this course is suitable for your needs 

This CAE Cambridge exam course is for you if you want to pass a CAE exam.

You already speak English at an advanced level in everyday situations related to social life, studies and work, and you may have a well-developed vocabulary in English. However, you may still need to show a certificate of English proficiency for your work or at a higher educational institution. You can also use CAE certificate as a logical step for preparation for the highest level of Cambridge exams - Cambridge English Proficiency (CPE).

The course participants need to have levels 7-8 on the school's English level scale. Therefore we will ask you to complete a written pre-course test before we can guarantee your place in this Cambridge Advanced Certificate course.

Course content

The areas that you can expect to cover during a typical course

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The preparation course for Cambridge Certificate in Advanced English (CAE Cambridge) is an intensive CAE practice and preparation. You will focus on all of the main skills that are required in the CAE exam:

  • Writing
  • Reading
  • Use of English
  • Preparation for CAE Speaking Test
  • Listening papers
  • CAE practice tests

As part of the CAE exam course, you will take a full mock CAE exam to give you an idea of what to expect, and to get you used to working under examination conditions. You will also concentrate on developing good exam techniques and practise with past CAE exam papers.

Throughout the Cambridge Certificate in Advanced English course, you will regularly receive a lot of individual feedback, correction and advice.

The benefits

What you can expect to achieve from your course

By the end of this CAE Cambridge course you will be able to:

  • achieve the best possible result at the CAE exam
  • approach the 5 different components of the Cambridge CAE test (Reading, Writing, Use of English, Listening and Speaking) with ease
  • improve your knowledge of English grammar
  • speak English more confidently
  • understand what you read and hear in English language more easily
  • use a wider range of English vocabulary in your written and spoken language
  • understand the areas you need to work on the most in English

Dates & Fees

When this course takes place and how much it costs

Course dates (2016)

18th January - 11th March (exam: 11th March)
11th April - 3rd June (exam: 4th June)
17th October - 9th December (exam: 10th Dec)

Click to see Public Holidays (school closed)

Course fee and exam fee (2016)

  • £3400 (8 week course) 
  • Exam fee £140

All CAE practice materials as well as everyday lunch at the school are included in all course fees.

If you would like us to book an CAE exam place for you, please tell us when you book your course.

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