All homestay is subject to availability.

The following terms and conditions apply to homestay accommodation:

  • Homestay accommodation is only available while you are taking a course in the school, and in multiples of whole weeks.
  • Homestay accommodation is booked from the Sunday before your course starts to the Saturday after it ends (applicable only to full week courses).  If you want to arrive earlier, or leave later, we will try to arrange this but we may have to offer you an alternative such as a hotel for the extra nights.
  • For Gold Homestay, we give priority to short-stay clients on English for International Business and Individual Tuition courses.
  • If you cancel your homestay with less than 1 full calendar week's notice, you will have to pay a cancellation charge of 1 week's rent.
  • Summer supplements will apply in peak periods.  Click here for more information.
  • The accommodation placement fee of £50.00 non-refundable if we have arranged your accommodation, whenever you cancel.
  • If you want to leave homestay accommodation while you are in the school, you must give 1 full calendar week's notice or pay 1 week's rent instead. If you leave homestay accommodation because you are unhappy there, we will not ask you to pay this as long as your decision to leave is reasonable.
  • You may pay for your accommodation monthly, one week in advance of each month.
  • We recommend that you reserve accommodation for the whole time you are in the school. If you reserve accommodation for a shorter period than your course, and then wish to extend it, you must give us at least 3 weeks' notice. We will do our best to extend it, but we cannot guarantee to do so. If you give us less than 3 weeks' notice, and it is necessary to move you to a new homestay, you will have to pay a supplementary accommodation placement fee of £50.00.
  • If you take a holiday break during a long course, you may be able to remain in your homestay, but this is not guaranteed. If you wish to leave your homestay at this time, you must give us at least 1 week's notice. We will try to arrange for you to return to the same accommodation, but we cannot guarantee to do so.
  • You are liable to pay for any damage that you cause at your accommodation.
  • The school's accommodation service acts as an agent in introducing you to your homestay host. The contract is between you and your host.

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