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Where we have used an agent, it is important for them to understand UK immigration law and to send students who know the rules and will follow them.

We therefore ask all agents to do the following:

1.  Make sure you understand the rules. We have summarised them for you in a background note about visas.  Please take the trouble to read them carefully.  Ask us if there are any things that you do not understand.

2.  Make sure that your students understand the rules.  In particular, make sure that they know that:

     2.1  They must not make any false statements at any time.

     2.2  They must be genuine students who will come to school regularly and work hard. 

     2.3  They will not be allowed to work while they are studying with us. 

     2.4  They must leave the country when their visa expires.  If they have a STSV they can stay for 6 months (11 months with a STSV11) and if their course is shorter they are perfectly entitled to stay for the full length of their visa even if they are not studying (but they must not work). 

     2.5  They understand that although someone with a STSV or an STSV11, can study where they like (but if they have an STSV11 they are only allowed to study English).

Compliance with immigration law is very important.  It is essential that students understand the rules and their obligations and we rely on our agents to help us to make sure that there are no problems in this area. 

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