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Comments on courses and accommodation

Students can now ‘post a comment’ at the bottom of any course and any accommodation page.  We hope the feedback that students give here will help your clients when choosing what they want to study and where they want to stay.  Obviously, in order for this to work we need students to tell us what they think.  If you can encourage your clients to post comments about their experiences in London it will make the website a more interesting and useful sales tool.

Agent Finder

When potential students are browsing the new website they can use our Agent Finder, which is in the tool bar on the homepage (and to the right of this page), to find one of our main agents in their country.  We have listed agents on the basis of consistent performance and an ongoing commitment to working with us.  If you would like to be listed, please contact your Market Manager to ask about the criteria for being listed.

Course Selector

Our wide range of courses can be overwhelming for students if they aren’t sure exactly what they are looking for.  The Course Selector, which is in the tool bar on the homepage (and to the right of this page), allows students to put in some basic details about their level and areas of specialism and the Course Selector will list courses that are appropriate for them.

Accommodation maps

For most people studying in a large city like London, the location of their accommodation is very important.  On the new website all of the hotels, residences and serviced apartments are marked on an interactive map.  The maps show where the accommodation is in relation to the schools.  Clients staying with a homestay family will receive more information about homestay family locations when booking.


In our videos you can see what the students have to say about their time in London.  As well as hearing from the students the videos also take you inside the classrooms so you can see our training in action.  The videos are a very useful resource to give potential clients a feel of what the London School of English is all about.

Online Test

Anyone thinking about improving their language skills needs to know what level they are starting from.  It helps us to make sure course participants are doing the right course and will meet their objectives during their time with us.  However, anyone can use our online test for free (see right hand tool bar), whether they are booking a course with us or not.

Online Booking

Our online booking system makes booking courses at the London School of English quicker, cheaper and more efficient. The system helps to cut down the amount of paperwork you need to complete for each client and helps us to track the booking process more easily. It also means that rather than charging our usual registration fee of £50, we only charge £25 for online bookings.


You can now easily see what the weather is doing in London, just by looking in the bottom left hand corner of our new homepage.  British weather doesn’t have a very good reputation and it is often better than people expect.

Demonstration online course lessons

Our online courses, which were launched in July last year, have been very well received and student feedback has been excellent.  Online study is new and unfamiliar to many people and we recommend that you try a couple of lessons so you can see how it works.

Language Tips

At the end of every newsletter we include a ‘Language Tip’.  The tips vary in the level they are aimed at and the topics that they cover, but we hope that you always find the language tip either useful and interesting for yourself, or to pass onto someone else (or both!).  Click here to find all of our language tips.

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Language tips and blog

Use our Language Talk page to help build your vocabulary, skills and knowledge.

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