TEFL course: TESOL certification training with a highly qualified team in London

This TEFL course: TESOL certification (CertTESOL) prepares you to teach English as a foreign language and gives you the skills to be a successful English teacher. You will learn from our highly qualified and experienced team in a professional and friendly environment. 

The CertTESOL is accepted by the British Council as an initial TESOL or TEFL certification for English language teachers in its accredited teaching organisations in the UK and in its own teaching operations overseas.

This English teacher training course includes a special workshop dedicated to finding a job as an English language teacher - both in the UK and abroad.

You will have all study materials as well as daily three-course lunches included in the price of your course.

Please write to teachertraining@londonschool.com if you have any questions.

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All of the key information you need to know about this course

  • Download FAQs (PDF):

  • Fees:


£999 (4 weeks) + £140 moderation fee

  • Dates:


11th September – 6th October
6th November – 1st December


26th February – 23rd March
16th April – 11th May
4th June – 29th June
30th July – 24th August
3rd September – 28th September
5th November – 30th November

  • Course length:

4 weeks

  • Participants age:

Minimum age 18

  • Group size:

Maximum 12

  • Hours per course:

130 hours timetabled course hours including:

  • 90 hours of supervised class input ( including 5 hours on an Unknown Natural Language)
  • 6 hours teaching practice
  • 4 hours class observation
  • 30 hours preparation and self-study time

In addition there are 70 hours research, assignment writing and preparation time.

Total qualification time = 200 hours

Who's it for?

Find out if this course is suitable for your needs

The TEFL TESOL certification course is designed for anybody starting out on an English language teaching career. You may be looking for something to do in a gap year between school and university; you may be a recent graduate; or perhaps you've been working for years and are simply looking for something more fun and fulfilling. Whatever stage you're at in life: this course will give you the skills you need to teach English, either as a long-term career or for a shorter period to help you travel the world.

Entry requirements

Find out about the entry requirements for the TESOL course

  • You must have educational qualifications that would permit entry into higher education
  • You must be able to demonstrate a sufficient level of competence in English - all skills. If you're a non-native speaker of English, an IELTS score of 7.0 (or recognised equivalent) is essential. You'll also need to demonstrate an appropriate level of language competence during the selection process
  • You must have a level of language awareness appropriate for initial cert./undergraduate study, to enable you to follow the course and complete all assessed elements successfully
  • You must be able to demonstrate competence in Reading, Writing, Listening and Speaking

Course content

The areas that you can expect to cover during a typical course

  • the basic principles and practices of language, language learning and language teaching
  • different approaches to presenting language, grammar and phonology
  • ways to use the classroom creatively
  • which classroom activities are most effective
  • using texts, video and voice recordings in class
  • how to deal with error correction
  • teaching young learners
  • testing and assessment
  • classroom management
  • advice on careers in EFL and working overseas

Unknown Natural Language (UNL):

You'll also receive four hours of instruction in a language that's completely unknown to you so that you can experience how your future students will sometimes feel.

Classroom Practice:

You'll also get some invaluable teaching practice - in a safe and supportive environment. The lessons will be planned by you, but you will be fully supported by our very experienced, highly-qualified and very friendly tutors. Informal lessons start in Week One. These are not evaluated or observed and give you a chance to get to know the students. Formal observations and evaluation of your classes begins in week two. In both Weeks Three and Four, you'll teach two one-hour lessons.
Your Tutor will give you verbal and written feedback after every lesson. Your colleagues will contribute too. But don't worry - feedback is always given in a collaborative and supportive manner.

Written Work:

You will also be given four written assignments on the course:

  • the Language Learner Profile
  • the Unknown Natural Language report
  • ongoing Teaching Practice Evaluation
  • a Materials Assignment

These vary in length from 1,000 to 3,000 words. But once again - don't panic. We'll give you loads of support and guidance.
Finally you'll have a take-home exam towards the end of the course. It's designed to help you bring together all the strands of the course.

Help with finding a job as an English teacher:

This TEFL course will provide trainees with the necessary teaching skills to equip them for the ESOL marketplace. In addition, in the final week there will be a dedicated input workshop on finding work. We have a great deal of experience in recruitment for our London and Canterbury centres and franchise operations abroad and we will use this as a basis to discuss how best to approach searching for a job both in the UK and abroad.

Note about the course hours:

Course hours will be from 0900-1700, compulsory teaching hours will be timetabled as required between 1600 – 1800 from week 2 of the course

We aim to provide a first-class teaching course for you with dedicated, experienced teachers as your trainers. This course is highly intensive and will require commitment from course participants to study evenings and weekends during the course to complete assignments and prepare for teaching practice in order to give you the best chance of success in achieving this qualification.

Included in the fees

What is included in the fees

Fees include training plus:

  • Daily 3-course lunch (Monday to Friday)
  • All course material and resources
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