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We take the welfare, safety and protection of all our clients very seriously. The services and policies outlined here are designed to help our clients feel comfortable, safe and supported, so please make use of them and talk to us if you have concerns about any aspect of your time with us.

Client Advisors

We have Client Advisors at the school who assist course participants with any problems or queries that they have, in order to help them to have a pleasant experience while in London and to make the most of their stay at The London School of English.  This assistance is sometimes of a very practical nature, such as advising new students on how to open a bank account. At other times it is more pastoral, such as helping someone who is finding it difficult to settle into UK life due to homesickness. Client Advisors are also available to help with translation if a course participant has very little English and wants to discuss, for example, their accommodation or study programme with a member of staff.

We currently have advisors for the following regions:

  • Middle East and North Africa
  • South Korea
  • Japan
  • Our client advisors are also available to our clients in Canterbury, either on the phone or by Skype, or by personal visit if we deem it necessary.

Health and safety

Your safety is a priority for us and the school maintains high standards in this area. We comply with all relevant legislation relating to Health and Safety. In particular we are concerned with fire safety and conduct regular fire drills, we conduct careful risk assessments to ensure that the whole building is safe, and we maintain a high standard of hygiene in catering areas. Whenever clients leave the building on official business we take care to ensure that any possible risks are considered and any necessary steps are taken to reduce the likelihood of problems.

Physical disability

Westcroft Square is fully accessible for wheelchair users. Holland Park Gardens and our Canterbury centre  are not suitable for clients in wheelchairs.

Visual and audial impairment, dyslexia etc

We can usually help clients with some difficulties with their sight or their hearing but our courses are probably not suitable for the totally blind or the very deaf. Please contact us if you think you may need special arrangements.

If you are dyslexic it is very helpful if you can tell us in advance. In particular, if you are planning to take an examination we can make special arrangements for you but we need to know in good time.

Mental health issues

The school is a small, friendly and supportive place, and people who are nervous or anxious about being away from home will find a friendly welcome and personal support to help them to adjust to life in an unfamiliar environment. However, we do not have the staff or the facilities to accept clients with significant mental health problems and we strongly advise clients – or their parents or sponsors – to tell us before enrolling anyone who has a history of mental health problems so that we can advise whether our courses are suitable.

To find out more about our policies covering many different aspects of our work, please click here

In case of problems or complaints, please contact Hauke Tallon:

London School of English
15 Holland Park Gardens
W14 8DZ
+44 20 7605 4123

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