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The Gunpowder Plot

The Gunpowder Plot


Remember, remember, the fifth of November…

Every year on the 5th of November, the skies above the UK are lit up with fireworks and across the country, communities build big bonfires, put a figure of a person on top of them and then burn them. The British have done this every year since 1606, but why?

Worried About Accommodation?

Worried About Accommodation?


It is very common for new students to feel nervous, especially when travelling overseas for the first time. Common concerns include worrying about adapting to new cultures (how will I cope when everything is so strange?), language level (how can I communicate when my English is not very good?) or worrying about having enough money (London is expensive! How will I survive?).

Open House Weekend in London

Open House Weekend in London


London is a massive city filled with buildings and spaces. Some of these are open to the public: anyone can visit Buckingham Palace or Westminster Abbey any time they like, but what about the huge number of buildings and spaces whose doors are always locked? How do we discover their secrets?

Find Tefl jobs

Top five tips for finding the perfect TEFL job


No other qualifications can open as many doors as the Trinity Cert TESOL or Cambridge CELTA. They allow you to find work in almost any country on earth, and teach a variety of types of classes in a huge range of environments. There are hundreds of schools in the UK, especially in London, and thousands more abroad.

english in london

Notting Hill Carnival


At the end of August, Britain has something called a bank holiday Monday. This means that most people get Monday off work and can enjoy a lovely, long weekend. Two million of those people will descend on a smart West London borough called Notting Hill for Europe’s biggest street party: the Notting Hill Carnival.

Summer in London

Summer in London


Summer in London. The sun shining in a bright blue sky. After-work drinks spill out onto London’s pavements and people have smiles on their faces. Beer gardens are filled with drinking people, parks are filled with sunbathing bodies and the Underground becomes a mobile sauna. Summer in London!

Cheaper London

Cheaper London


“London tops list of most expensive cities.” “London named world’s most expensive city to live and work.” “London overtakes Hong Kong as world’s most expensive city.”

We’ve all read headlines like these and while it is certainly true, London IS an expensive city (sometimes it can feel like breathing London’s air costs money!) there are lots of ways you can have a less expensive experience!

The Queen And London

The Queen And London


She’s one of the most famous women in the world, photographed on countless occasions. She has attended glittering functions surrounded by the most famous people in the world. She has been visited by presidents, prime ministers and world leaders. Her face is one of the most recognisable on the planet, known to people from Australia to Azerbaijan, from Zaire to Zimbabwe. We’re talking – of course – about Kim Kardashian.




Between 27th June and 10th July, 35,000 people will visit a small corner of South West London for the world’s oldest and most famous tennis tournament: Wimbledon. Considered the most prestigious of the Grand Slam tournaments, the All England Tennis Club first held its championship in 1877 and from its humble beginnings with just 200 spectators (who paid a shilling each to watch the games; that’s about £50 in today’s money) the tournament today is world-famous and crowds flock to it.

English language mistakes of French speakers

Common French-Speaker Mistakes in English, and How to Avoid Them or Fixing Franglais


Advice from our English trainer, Emily Kerr:

Do you feel you may be making the same grammar and vocabulary mistakes in English again and again? There are a number of very common mistakes that French speakers make when they speak English.

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