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The best of both worlds

Combination Training is ideal if you wish to benefit from the advantages of both intensive specialisation and intercultural group interaction.

In your one-to-one training, we can devise a course that meets all your specific language, sector and industry needs.

The micro-group, on the other hand, gives you the opportunity to focus on essential skills for work, including holding meetings, giving presentations, networking and communicating effectively, within a global group environment.

Fact check

All of the key information you need to know about this course

  • Group size:

Group maximum 4 and 1-1

  • Participants age:

Minimum age 25
Average age 41

  • Course level:

Levels 4 - 8 on the school's level scale


  • Course length:

1 - 4 weeks

Start any Monday 

  • Hours per week:

SCP Combi-30

30 hours per week plus at least  9  hours’ trainer-led lunches and  social activities
08.45 - 16.45 daily

SCP Combi-25

25 hours per week plus at least  9  hours’ trainer-led lunches and  social activities

08.45 - 15.45 daily

1 hour = 60 minutes

  • Fees:


SCP Combi-30 £ 1775 per week

SCP Combi-25 £ 1395 per week

Please note these fees includes the following package: 30 or 25 hours’ training plus 3 networking lunches and 2 social activities with trainers per week.

  • Location:


Who's it for?

Find out if this course is suitable for your needs

If you need the specialisation of one-to-one training but would also like the intercultural and interactive opportunities offered by our Successful Communication for Professionals micro-groups, our SCP Combi provides the perfect balance.

We understand that in your job sometimes you will need to use very specific technical language. However, at other times, you may need more generic business communication skills such as chairing or taking part in meetings, negotiating a deal or networking at conferences. SCP Combi gives you the chance to improve both. You will build your confidence to interact in more intensive one-to-one scenarios as well as deliver at events that require public-speaking skills.

Typically, you would spend 15 hours per week in Successful Communication for Professionals micro-group training and 15 hours in One-to-One training.

The one-to-one element of your programme includes a detailed needs analysis leading to a carefully tailored training programme. This ensures that we maintain complete focus on specific areas of need.

Course content

The areas that you can expect to cover during a typical course


Click to see sample timetable.

The one-to-one content of the course is entirely focussed on your individual needs.

Successful Communication for Professionals Micro-group
In the group you can expect to improve the following linguistic and business skills:

  • Communication skills
  • Chairing and participating in meetings
  • Negotiations- persuading, bargaining, compromising
  • Presentations- making yourself clear, effective structuring, and emphasising
  • Business word building
  • Teleconferencing, telephoning and email writing
  • Networking
  • Cross-cultural awareness
  • Grammatical accuracy
  • Accuracy in pronunciation

Everything you learn on this course has a practical application. Through a variety of real-life, task-based scenarios we enable you to practise and improve the language you will need for your everyday work.

You will chair and participate in meetings improving your ability to clarify understanding, mediate and reach a compromise. You will also build your ability to negotiate more confidently by using a greater range of phrases for bargaining, persuading and compromising. During negotiations we also monitor carefully and help you achieve the correct level of appropriacy and diplomacy.

An important component at the end of the course is a presentation given to other members of the group. This is an important opportunity for you to practise speaking publicly for an extended period on a subject of your choice. It provides consolidation of the language you have studied through the course and is very beneficial to building your confidence. The presentation will be recorded and analysed by your trainer with appropriate feedback.

Networking and socialising skills, an essential part of relationship building, are also practised through a variety of role-plays that range from making initial introductions and invitations to asking questions, giving advice and making complaints.

This course is ideal for executives, managers and working professionals, including lawyers, politicians and business lecturers, who wish to improve their ability to use English within a commercial context.

Practical Language Covered

Course participants can expect the following areas to be covered in the course:

  • Presentation of one's job responsibilities & activities, organisation and products/services
  • Simulated negotiations and business meetings
  • Simulated teleconferencing & telephoning
  • Business vocabulary building
  • Aspects of a company's business – eg marketing, finance, production and distribution
  • Handling personnel matters – eg industrial relations, communication at work
  • Case studies and discussions
  • Analysis of a company's strengths and weaknesses, general and financial
  • Communication in an international context including intercultural understanding
  • Presenting figures and graphs and describing economic and social trends
  • Evaluating cause and result
  • Comparing company culture and national economies
  • Pronunciation and listening comprehension skills
  • Expressing numbers and spelling

We also aim to expand your range of functional language and give you greater access to a variety of more appropriate and diplomatic terms. Functional areas include:

  • Chairing and participating in meetings
  • Expressing opinions
  • Agreeing and disagreeing
  • Clarifying and verifying
  • Making recommendations
  • Interrupting
  • Persuading
  • Bargaining and compromise
  • Dealing with difficult questions
  • Signalling in presentations

We understand the importance of your English outside the office too. That’s why an important part of the course includes social English and networking skills:

  • Introducing yourself and colleagues

The benefits

What you can expect to achieve from your course

This course focusses on the following areas and as a result you can expect to make the following improvements:

  • communicate more confidently
  • speak more accurately and fluently
  • participate more successfully in meetings
  • approach negotiations more tactically and diplomatically
  • respond more spontaneously
  • gain better comprehension skills
  • improve your written English including emailing
  • expand your range of professional vocabulary
  • improve your understanding of grammar
  • socialise and network with greater confidence
  • speak more clearly with better pronunciation
  • work successfully in a cross-cultural environment

In addition to the benefits outlined above, you can expect to manage meetings andnegotiations more effectively, improve your presentation skills, expand yourbusiness vocabulary, use the telephone with greater confidence as well as being able to discuss issues relating to best industry practice industry with a greater degree of confidence.

Dates & Fees

When this course takes place and how much it costs

Course dates (2015)

You can start on any Monday between 5th January to 18th December.

Training will take place on all holidays in this period, including Easter Monday.

Course fees (2015)

SCP Combi-30: £1775/week- 15 hours' Micro-Group plus 15 hours' One-to-One per week

SCP Combi-25: £1395/week- 15 hours' Micro-Group plus 10 hours' One-to-One per week

Please note these fees include 3 networking lunches and 2 social activities with trainers/week, 1-4 weeks.

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