How long should you book for?

We advise you to book your accommodation for the whole of your course, unless you are certain that you only need it for part of your time with us. Homestay accommodation is normally only available for the duration of your course, so you should find alternative accommodation if you intend to arrive more than a day before your course start date or depart more than a day later than your course end date.

People sometimes book for just one month because they do not want to pay for the whole period in advance, or because they want to be able to leave if they are not happy. Since you can pay month by month, and can leave at any time with six working days notice, please do not feel that you should book for a shorter period than your course if you have these concerns.

If you book your accommodation for only one month and then want to extend, it may not be possible for you to stay with the same family. This is another good reason for you to book your accommodation for the whole of your course.


Your homestay accommodation confirmation will include information about your host(s) and a map showing the best way to reach your accommodation and the easiest route from your accommodation to the school.

If we have arranged for you to be collected from the airport we will tell your host when you will be arriving – you don't need to do anything. But if you are travelling independently please contact your host at least one week before arrival to confirm travel arrangements and planned arrival time. If you do not do so, they may not be at home when you arrive. If you have any problems doing so, please let us know and we will contact your host on your behalf.

We normally recommend clients arrange to arrive in London in the late afternoon/early evening and leave London in the morning of their date of departure.

Paying for your accommodation

The school handles all payments to the host family.

You can pay for the whole of your stay at the beginning if this is more convenient, but it is not necessary. You can pay month by month if you prefer.

Extending your stay

If you want to stay in your accommodation longer than you originally booked, it may be possible for you to do so. But this cannot be guaranteed, as it is possible that your room will be unavailable. If you do want to extend your stay, please come and tell us as early as possible. If you ask less than three weeks before you are due to leave the accommodation, and we have to find you an alternative homestay, you will have to pay a supplementary placement fee of £50.00.

Holland Park Gardens or Westcroft Square?

If your course programme involves working first in one centre then in the other, we will do our best to arrange accommodation that will be convenient for both schools. Clearly it may be closer to one than the other. We will usually arrange for you to stay with the same host throughout, but if you wish to move when you change centres please let us know as soon as possible.

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