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What types of accommodation can you arrange for me?

Our clients have different demands and budgets. Years of experience have enabled us to put together different categories of accommodation to suit all preferences and budgets. Please have a look at the accommodation section on our website for an overview.

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Can I stay in my accommodation for longer than the course?

No, we will only be able to arrange your accommodation while you're studying at our school.

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How much will my accommodation cost?

This depends on the type of accommodation you prefer, please have a look at the accommodation section for prices. 

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If I choose homestay as my accommodation, can I choose my host family?

No, we will place you as near to the school as possible whilst taking into account as many of your requirements as possible. We cannot guarantee matching your requirements but, if this is the case, we will offer the closest alternative.

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How much contact will I have with my host family during my homestay?

Homestay combines quality, friendliness and very good value for money. It is suitable both for people who want a lot of contact with their host and also for those who prefer to be free and independent.

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