Building Trust in International Teams

Research has shown that increasing levels of trust is one of the most effective ways of improving team performance. Teams with high levels of trust tend to be more engaged, more innovative, better at managing conflict and at achieving their results.  This workshop uses the Team Trust Indicator questionnaire, report and facilitated process to measure levels of trust within the team and to resolve any trust gaps.

Who’s it for? 

Any team that works together towards common goals or that has interdependence between team members, particularly global teams.


  • A framework for understanding and adapting to individual needs and expectations within the team
  • Increased engagement and commitment to team objectives        
  • Strategies for building relationships and trust across cultures      
  • A shared language for talking about trust within the team 
  • A new team charter with agreed ways of working together

"Very useful session and good for thinking about behaviours and group dynamics"

Matt Heger, School of Public Health, Imperial College London


  • Understanding the importance of trust in organisations and teams
  • What is trust? Definitions and criteria
  • Our trust blockers and builders
  • Team trust ‘wants’ and ‘gets’: gap analysis
  • Team development focus
  • Creating a team charter and action plan

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  • Group Size Max 10
  • Course Duration Min duration: 3 hours
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