Working with the Chinese

Our China-focused intercultural training will help you to build successful relationships with Chinese colleagues, clients and partners.  You will develop a deep understanding of Chinese business culture and learn how to adapt your style for more successful outcomes.

Who’s it for?

Working with the Chinese is for anyone working on the ground in China or managing remote relationships with Chinese colleagues, customers or suppliers.


  • Up-to-date knowledge of the Chinese business context
  • Increased understanding of Chinese values, attitudes and behaviours
  • Greater awareness of Chinese working and management styles and expectation
  • Practical techniques for communicating and building relationships with Chinese partners

"It was a good course, easy to follow and thought-provoking. The trainer was engaging and had good international experience"

Dany O’Boyle, Commercial Manager, Oxford Technical Solutions


  • Insights into China: historical, political and economic influences
  • Understanding the Chinese mindset: beliefs, harmony, reciprocity, unity and face
  • Chinese business culture and working preferences
  • Management styles and expectations
  • Communicating with the Chinese: high context style and decoding non-verbal signals
  • Nuances of Chinese social and business etiquette
  • Developing cultural intelligence

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  • Location London
  • Location Your Office
  • Group Size Max 12
  • Course Duration Min duration: 3 hours
  • Bespoke Course Price Bespoke: on request

How much do you know?

  • See how much you already know about Chinese culture
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