Complimentary Webinars

Join our intercultural and communication skills experts online and discover new insights and tips to help you work more effectively with international partners. These interactive webinars are free to join.

The webinar was insightful and informative. I enjoyed it very much.

Cathy Lo, Managing Director, i-Link Educational Services, Taiwan

International management: when to push and when to pull

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22 November 2017 1 pm GMT

This webinar will explore the competencies required to work internationally and the need to flex between 'push' and 'pull' styles.

Making your international experience count in the global workplace

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25 October 2017 1 pm BST

This webinar will explore the developmental opportunities that international experience offers those who wish to stand out in the global workplace.

When and why does English become an international language of miscommunication?

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20 September 2017 1 pm BST

This webinar will provide insights into why miscommunication occurs between people using English as a common language in business environments. It will offer practical solutions for resolving problems caused by miscommunication and ways to ensure that miscommunication does not occur.