Teaching Methodology

Target Language: 

In our classes, trainers use the language taught, avoiding relying on English. While this may initially appear daunting, our trainers are skilled in effectively communicating using a variety of techniques, even at beginner level, although some exceptions can be made in A1.0 and A1.1 levels to help you smoothly adapt to the methodology. This approach encourages active participation from all students and promotes complete immersion in the language. Remember, speaking up and making mistakes are integral parts of the language-learning journey. 

Communicative Approach: 

We adopt the communicative approach to create student-centred lessons that prioritise the development of oral skills. This means that students are encouraged to do most of the talking, while trainers minimise explanations and focus on tasks and activities. You will actively engage in pair work and group activities during each session. Our classes are structured to include trainer-student correction slots, speaking exercises, communicative activities, quizzes, games, reading and listening comprehension exercises, as well as grammar practice. Homework is recommended to reinforce your understanding. 

Advantages of Our Methodology: 

  • Accelerated Learning: Our teaching approach allows you to absorb vocabulary more naturally and rapidly. 
  • Natural Speaking: You learn to speak the language naturally, without overanalysing each word and sound. 
  • Increased Confidence: Classroom immersion enhances your confidence to use the language in real-life situations. 
  • Improved Listening Skills: Regular exposure to spoken language enhances your comprehension skills. 
  • Engaging Learning: Learning by actively using the language is more motivating and enjoyable than solely focusing on grammar rules. 
More About Us

Our Trainers

LSML trainers are highly skilled in the language they teach, boasting extensive qualifications and a wealth of experience in Modern Languages. Their primary objective is to cultivate a warm and intellectually stimulating atmosphere conducive to effective language learning. 

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