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What is Cross-Cultural Training?

The world is increasingly international. The idea that we now live in a "global village" is no longer a perception – it is a reality. Across national borders, corporate office networks have grown, supply chains have extended, distribution channels have spread. In today's business world, cross-cultural skills and understanding are vital tools in ensuring effective international working practices and commercial success.

Cross-cultural training

Our cross-cultural training is now managed by The London School of International Communication, the latest addition to the LondonSchool Group. The London School of International Communication specialises in practical training and coaching that develops practical communication skills, cultural expertise and a global mindset for working for international working. We offer three core areas of training:
International Communication Skills Training - courses to help you to collaborate more effectively with colleagues or partners anywhere in the world
Intercultural Training – fully customised courses according to your business sector, function and the cultures you collaborate with
International Leadership Training – courses to develop your cross-cultural management skills and help you to lead more effectively across the globe
Please visit to see our full range of courses, write to us via or call us on + 44 20 7605 4189 if you would like to discuss your requirements in more detail.

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