Business and Professional English: Ana's story

Ana is a business owner from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, where she has a factory that makes uniforms for corporate organisations.

A few years ago, Ana needed to give a presentation about her company to investors to secure more work. Realising that she did not know enough English to give the presentation herself, she asked a friend for help, who gave the presentation on her behalf.  The business meeting was successful and Ana secured the work, and was also inspired and motivated to improve her English language skills.

Since then, Ana has trained with us on three separate occasions, and she has achieved her initial goal of being able to present in English and have productive business conversations.  

English has opened the door to many things. I am improving. Now I can express my views.

Now Ana is using her increased confidence to expand her business by offering additional services through her company. She is building on her English skills to achieve recognised professional certification in her area of work which will allow her to deliver image consultancy services to her clients.  Ana would also like to be able to negotiate directly with her raw material Chinese suppliers without having to go through a Brazilian intermediary, as English is still the most common lingua franca of international business. This will also improve her profit margin, so is a good investment. 

I know that I need to improve much more, but it is a first step.

Ana found us though doing research online and asked for recommendations from work colleagues. For Ana, the best things about learning with The London School of English are:

  • Focused course objectives
  • Professional and experienced trainers
  • An experience that lasts the whole day, including lunch
  • Very friendly, helpful staff
  • Lots of feedback, role playing and presentation practice 

Anna sums up her experience at The London School of English: 

Here you are speaking and experiencing the language so it makes it a good difference in my English learning.

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Ana owns a company and she studied with us to improve her business English skills.

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