Oliver had been learning English informally for many years, mainly through watching TV and films. This had served him well until he progressed in his career to a point where he had to re-evaluate his approach to learning English.

Oliver’s employer expects him to have a confident level of English because his new role involves giving presentations in English, moderating conferences and events, and teaching change management to international clients, including clients from English-speaking countries. At this point, Oliver realised that he needed formal English training to feel more confident performing in these situations.

The level of English that is expected [in my current job] is higher than I could provide.

After researching English language schools, he decided to come to The London School of English for three reasons:

  • Firstly, having spent time looking through our website, he felt he could trust us.
  • Secondly, he was impressed with the service he received from our customer relationships team. 
  • Thirdly, the location of the school in beautiful Holland Park and being close to Notting Hill appealed to him.

Very quick, thoughtful and helpful staff. Very professional.

Oliver spent a total of seven weeks at The London School of English; six weeks learning Business and Professional English, and one week of specialised English for Human Resources training. The two aspects of the training that most impressed Oliver were the small class sizes and the excellent quality of the teaching.

The teachers develop your confidence. The way they correct you improves your pronunciation.

Oliver enjoyed learning outside the classroom with us too, highlighting the social events where he had the opportunity to practise speaking skills in social situations, learn about British culture, and meet people from other groups.

[The social programme ] develops your skills to get in touch with people in another language.

By the end of his stay in London, Oliver felt that he had successfully achieved his goals.

My English has improved a lot. I feel more confident and I speak in a different way now.