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Mit unseren Online-Kursen können Sie flexibel lernen, wo und wann Sie wollen. Sie können einen Kurs belegen

  • bevor Sie zur Schule kommen
  • nachdem Sie die Schule verlassen haben
  • um in Ihrem Heimatland zu studieren, selbst wenn Sie nie einen Kurs bei uns in London belegen.

Im Folgenden sehen Sie die verschiedenen Kursarten, die Sie belegen können.

Practical English

Our Practical English courses focus on reading, listening and grammar and are suitable for pre intermediate to upper intermediate students that are looking for a stimulating, effective and flexible course.

Word Mine - Legal English

This course is suitable for lawyers or trainee lawyers who have an intermediate level or above and need to expand their knowledge of legal terms and vocabulary in English.

Distance learning- Helping you prepare and keep progressing

Our distance learning units focus on writing and speaking and are designed entirely around your needs. They are recommended for students who need to focus on a particular piece of writing or speaking activity. The units are useful if you need short and intensive training for a specific project, but if you are looking for longer term training in a range of skills you may prefer to do one of our Online course above. 

Skype speaking lessons

The Speaking Unit is designed so you can decide how you want to spend the time with the trainer. By sending information beforehand the trainer will know what your aims are and will work with you to help you to achieve these.

Writing practice

The Writing Unit allows us to work with you on a piece of writing that you need to focus on. The training will therefore all be based around work you have produced meaning we can identify the most important areas for your development.

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