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This section is designed to help you be prepared for your visit before you come to London.  Reading through this information will also save you time and money when you are here.


Years of experience have enabled us to put together different categories of accommodation to suit all preferences and budgets.

Services and Facilities

Your time is valuable so we pay close attention to all our facilities and services.

Experience London

There is an enormous amount to do in London. Whatever your interests, you will be able to enjoy yourself here.

Visa Information

Detailed information on visa requirements for studying in the UK.

Coming and Going

Information for planning your trip to London, including advice on preparing for your course.

Health and Security

How to access medical treatment in London and what to do in an emergency.

English Weather

London does not usually have very hot or very cold weather but it can change quickly and unpredictably.

Our Policies

Read about our policies and provision for your welfare, safety and protection.


All your questions answered

We welcome suggestions for information you would find useful – either general subjects or links, or more specific places or sites you think future students would like to know about. Please email us with your ideas or comments and we will do our best to include them.

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