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What's the difference between TOLES and ILEC?

TOLES and ILEC are both highly regarded professional legal tests of English, and they are both broadly recognised by legal and professional organisations.  Both tests are challenging and require prior legal knowledge and a certain level of English (see below for details).

The table below has been created to help you choose which test you think will suit you best.  Please contact us if you have any further questions.

There are 3 TOLES exams – Foundation, Higher and Advanced.  The London School of English only offers the TOLES Advanced exam.  TOLES Advanced is a no-fail exam.  Whatever your score, you will get a certificate demonstrating your level.ILEC is set at CEFR level B2-C1 (on the LSE scale this is approx. 5.5 – 7).  You need to score a minimum of level B2 to pass the exam and get a certificate.
You need to be at level 5-8 (CEFR B1-C2) to do the TOLES Advanced preparation course at the London School of English.You need to be at level 6-8 (CEFR B2-C2) to do the ILEC preparation course at the London School of English.
TOLES is a written exam (testing reading and writing).  The exam focuses on practical legal skills including redrafting in Plain English and explaining the meaning of a legal document.  There is no speaking or listening.ILEC tests reading, writing, listening and speaking.  The exam is more focused on academic skills for example reading comprehension.
TOLES does not require you to produce legal documents or letters.  Your skills are demonstrated by changing style or register on an existing document.  This can be helpful for less experienced lawyers or law students.ILEC requires you to produce work of a legal nature.  For example, you will need to invent a letter for a given legal situation.
The LSE preparation course is one week long, following a three-week English for Young Lawyers course.  (Total 4 weeks)

The LSE preparation course is three weeks long, following a three-week English for Young Lawyers course.  (Total 6 weeks)

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It was wonderful. I have learned to use my English in my professional life. Thanks a lot to all of you..

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