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Lawyers use language with particular care and need to be certain that a language course will enable them to communicate accurately and that they will understand precisely what they read and hear.

Our trainers are specialist English language trainers with particular expertise in the law. There is important input from the legal world: sessions led by practising lawyers provide an authentic and practical contribution and the participants usually also visit a law firm and the courts.

Legal English: Commercial Lawyers

Helping commercial lawyers to work effectively in an international setting. This course is for qualified, experienced lawyers from law firms or the corporate sector who have a reasonably confident command of English.

Legal English 20-30

This 3-week course is for newly qualified lawyers and law students to give them the legal language skills they will need for their careers. The course includes input from practising lawyers, visits to law firms and to the courts.


Read about the differences between these two professional legal English exams to help you decide which is right for you.

TOLES (Test of Legal English Skills)

This course is designed to prepare candidates for the TOLES (Test of Legal English Skills) examination. It is available as an optional 4th week after the 3-week Young Lawyers course.

ILEC (International Legal English Certificate)

This 3-week course is designed to prepare candidates for the ILEC (International Legal English Certificate) examination, which is offered by Cambridge ESOL. The course is recognised by several international law associations.

Word Mine - Legal English

This six month online course for lawyers and trainee lawyers covers 400 words and terms commonly used by legal professionals. Practice exercises help you learn the meaning, spelling and pronunciation.

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