10 great ways to say “I understand”

Why be dull by repeating this commonly used phrase all the time? Here are 10 new ways for you to let people know that you understand what they mean. They are all commonly used phrases which can be used more or less interchangeably and will help create the impression that you command native expressions.

1.     To catch on

Example: I tend to catch on fairly quickly

2.     To catch one’s drift

Example: It’s Ok, I catch your drift

3.     To grasp something

Example: I am able to grasp things pretty quickly

4.     To get something

Example: Sometimes it takes me a while to get something if very technical language is used

5.     To get the idea

Example: Don’t worry, I get the idea

6.     To get the picture

Example: I would like to get the full picture before I have to explain it to my colleagues

7.     To get the hang of something

Example: I’m usually quite good at getting the hang of new techniques

8.     To catch/get the gist of something

Example: Could you please repeat that so I can check if I caught the gist of what you said

9.     To get the point

Example: Yes, I get your point

10.  To follow

Example: Yes, I think I follow you

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