10 useful expressions for change and re-branding

There’s no time like the New Year to reflect on what changes you would like to make in your life; on a personal level, in terms of career or even organisational change. We’ve put together several expressions in English to guide you on the language of change and to help you express the type of change that you would like to effect in 2018. 

  1. To have / create / maintain a new identity. 
  2. To self-assess / self-examine. Alternatively, to undertake self-assessment / self-examination. 
  3. To change / alter / rethink / re-evaluate / re-assess / re-appraise / oneself or an image or identity. 
  4. To modify / reconstruct / transform one’s image. (Note: These types of changes are given in order of strength). 
  5. To re-brand oneself. 
  6. To transition into a new identity / role. (Note: “Transition” is a more gradual and less radical change) 
  7. To turn over a new leaf. (Nuance: Improvement is needed) 
  8. To mend one’s ways. (Nuance: This suggests that change is really needed) 
  9. To undergo an overhaul. (Nuance: A thorough examination with repairs if necessary) 
  10. To undergo a complete metamorphosis / transformation. (Meaning: A complete change on every level) 

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