Brexicon: Do you know your brexiety from your BINO?

Over two years after the UK voted on Brexit, there are still many unanswered questions and much work remains to be done. From a language perspective, however, it has been a rather productive period, resulting in a plethora of new words and jargon.

Here are ten new Brexit terms you should know:

1. Brexicon 

A glossary or dictionary about the language of Brexit.

2. Brexiteer (also Brexiter)

A person in favour of the UK leaving the European Union.

3. Remoaners

A wordplay on ‘Remainers’ (supporters of “remaining” in the EU) and ‘moaners’ (complainers) ‘Remoaners’ is a derogatory term meaning a person who complains about Britain leaving the European Union and/or the outcome of the Brexit referendum.

4. Regrexit

Regretting of the decision to vote for Brexit.

5. Gammon

Gammon is an insult to describe white middle-aged, pro-Brexit supporters. It is generally deployed to describe white men of a certain age who become pink in the face when working themselves into a rage about the European Union. The traditional meaning of 'gammon' is a type of pork meat.

6. Brexchosis

A feeling of despair among those who voted to stay in the EU.

7. Brexiety

A state of anxiety about Brexit experienced by Brexit opponents.

8. Brexodus

A higher than usual number of EU nationals emigrating from the UK.

9. BINO 

An acronym for “Brexit in name only” (Also BRINO).  A situation feared by Brexit supporters i.e. no real change due to a watering down of the changes originally envisaged. Example of use: I’m against ‘BINO’.

10. Backstop (plan) 

The backstop plan is intended to be a safety net, a way of avoiding a hard border in Northern Ireland, if appropriate customs arrangements cannot be agreed by the EU and UK in time for the end of the transition period in December 2020.

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