How to be a great guest in English

Travelling abroad this summer or perhaps you have been invited to an English speaker’s home? Knowing the appropriate responses and a few key phrases will ensure a much smoother visit and will greatly boost your chances of receiving a second invitation.

Do Say

“Thank you for inviting me” 

“How nice to meet you” (if you are meeting other family members for the first time) 

“You have a lovely home” 

“You have a charming family” 

“Could you pass me the salt/other please?” (When sitting at the table and in need of something which is out of reach) 

“Thank you, that was delicious” 

“It was delicious but I really couldn’t eat any more” (When declining the offer of more food)

“You shouldn’t have gone to so much trouble” 

“Thanks for your hospitality/ a delicious lunch/ a lovely evening” 

“You’ve been a wonderful host/hostess” 

“I hope we meet again soon”

”You must come over to our place sometime” 

What Not To Say

Watch out for our second article on ´How to be a great guest in English` in which we will cover some common mistakes that Swedish guests often make, both from a language perspective and also in terms of cultural differences. 

We hope you find these phrases helpful and hope you have a lovely summer

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