Top 10 “hot” words

Southern Europe is currently experiencing a heatwave and record-breaking temperatures.  Sweden has also been basking in the sun and as peak holiday season begins, the weather is the focus of attention for most holiday-makers. In preparation for the return of the sun, you may want to spice up your weather vocabulary by using one of the following synonyms for the word “hot”. Just prefix any of the following words with “It’s” to sound more like a native speaker.

1. boiling (Meaning: like boiling hot water)

2. roasting (Meaning: like cooking over a fire or in an oven)

3. sweltering (Meaning: damp, intense heat)

4. scorching (Meaning: like fire)

5. searing (Meaning: very hot, also a cooking method)

6. stifling (Meaning: very hot and a feeling of no air)

7. sizzling (Meaning: like being fried)

8. baking (Meaning: like an oven)

9. sticky (Meaning: very hot and humid)

10. scalding (Meaning: like boiling water)

Have a great summer!

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