Test your English Midsummer Vocabulary

Do you know what the following ten words are in English? They are all essential vocabulary for classic Swedish Midsummer celebrations and well worth memorising. We’ve also included a few Midsummer Swinglish warnings you should look out for.

1. Midsommarstång
2. Sill
3. Kokt potatis
4. Gräslök
5. Blomsterkrans
6. Systembolaget
7. Nubbe
8. Regnskur
9. Grill
10. Bastu

Wishing everyone a very Happy Midsummer!

Unsure of the answers?

You can check them below. Watch out for the Swinglish warnings


1. (Midsummer) Maypole 
2. Herring 
3. Boiled potatoes (Note: “Cooked potatoes” applies to any type of potatoes that are not served raw)  
4. Chives 
5. Flower garland/wreath
6. State-owned off-licence
7. Swedish vodka/schnapps served in a shot-glass
8. Sudden downpour
9. Barbecue, also barbeque or abbreviated to BBQ. (Note: To grill food is not the same as to barbecue. Grilled food requires overhead heat i.e. a device on a cooker that radiates heat downwards
10. Sauna)

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