Test your Lucia Vocabulary in English

Happy St Lucy’s Day from all of us at The London School of English! To celebrate the day, we’ve put together a quick Lucia vocabulary list; your chance to test yourself and to learn up to 12 new words. We hope you find it helpful.

Do you know the following words in English? 

If not, you can scroll down to the answers below and learn some essential Lucia vocabulary.

1. Luciatåg

2. Helgon

3. Sankta Lucia

4. Ljuskrona

5. Krans

6. Rött band

7. Tärnor

8. Lussekatter

9.  Pepparkakor

10. Deg (fabrikat eller hemgjord)

11. Glögg

12. Firande


1. Lucia procession (Luciatåg)

2. Saint (Helgon)

3. Saint Lucy (Sankta Lucia)

4. Wreath with candles (Ljuskrona)

5. Wreath (krans)

6. Red sash (Rött band)

7. Handmaidens (Tärnor)

8. Saffron flavoured buns (Lussekatter)

9. Gingerbread biscuits /ginger snaps (Pepparkakor)

10. Dough (pre-made/home-made) / Deg (fabrikat/ hemgjord)

11. Swedish mulled wine (Glögg)

12. Celebration (Firande)

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