Meet The Team

Modern Languages Staff

Giacomo Fabbrini Image

Giacomo Fabbrini

I'm the Head of Modern Languages.  I've been in language teaching for 14 years - as an Italian language teacher for 10 years and a Digital Learning Manager for 4 years.  My background before this is diverse: I've worked as an actor, an HR consultant, a recruiter and a store manager. I have worked for big companies, Universities and the UK Government. I’m honoured to run the Modern Language division for a such renowned institution and I’m planning to help the students to have a quality and fun experience. Outside of work, I like theatre, cinema, board games, going on my bike and trying new restaurants.

Hauke Tallon Image

Hauke Tallon

I'm the Chief Executive at The London School of Modern Languages and The London School of English, where I have been working for over 20 years.  We are internationally renowned for our English Language teaching, and I'm thrilled to announce our expansion to offer a broader range of languages. 

Our Customer Experience Team Image

Our Customer Experience Team

Whilst studying at The London School of Modern Languages, you'll have the pleasure of meeting our dedicated Customer Experience team, including Julia, Christina and Mandy.  They will be there to introduce you to your trainer, give you a tour of the school (including the free tea and coffee station in the restaurant) and you can always find them at the Welcome Drinks for any questions or concerns.

Cuiyun (Megan) Gong - Mandarin Trainer Image

Cuiyun (Megan) Gong - Mandarin Trainer

I am an experienced teacher with over 8 years of experience. I have developed a range of effective teaching skills and methods that prioritise creating a dynamic and diverse learning environment with also the help of music and body language. My approach involves incorporating real-life contexts and treating each learner as an individual. It is my privilege to teach Mandarin at this esteemed institution. Outside of teaching, I enjoy yoga, outdoor running, watching movies, and experimenting with cooking various meals.

Hsuan (Jessie) Wang - Mandarin Trainer Image

Hsuan (Jessie) Wang - Mandarin Trainer

I am a teacher with 9 years of experience. I've worked as a teacher, educational content creator and EFL instructor. I have worked at numerous educational institutes including universities, UK government language programs, and global corporations across Taiwan, UK, and USA. I am passionate about fostering linguistic understanding and cultural insight while providing a dynamic learning environment. 

Chiara Moscardin - Italian Trainer Image

Chiara Moscardin - Italian Trainer

I have worked as teacher and teacher trainer for various institutes and universities over the past 15 years in London and in Italy. I am truly passionate about my hometown Milan and my beautiful country. In my spare time I love reading, walking around London, working out at the gym and practicing yoga as well as travelling, especially around Italy. I love both the mountains and the sea, and my favourite place in Italy is probably Sicily, with its ancient history and gorgeous landscapes.   

Yuko Wasowski - Japanese Trainer Image

Yuko Wasowski - Japanese Trainer

Konnichiwa! I've been teaching for over 9 years. I believe that language learning is about immersing yourself in a world of new cultural experiences and practical application of the language. I try to make studying Japanese an enjoyable and relaxing experience, where you learn the language but also gain insights into Japanese culture. I teach practical and natural Japanese to use in real-life situations and help you communicate. I am here to guide you every step of the way. Outside of teaching, I enjoy running, baking, drawing, exploring art galleries, and learning Spanish.

Jane Bergman - Spanish Trainer Image

Jane Bergman - Spanish Trainer

I was brought up in Spain and have spent more than half my life in the country. I am qualified teacher with more than 20 years experience. I also have a secret love for Latin America, its people, and diverse cultures, and I visit the region whenever I have the opportunity. Beyond teaching, I am a music lover, a big fan of cinema and literature, and cuisines from around the world. 

Rie Saito - Japanese Trainer Image

Rie Saito - Japanese Trainer

I am a qualified teacher and have taught students of all ages and levels, ranging from primary school to adults. I tailor my lessons to suit my students individual needs and learning goals, whether they are complete beginners or higher levels, looking to improve their Japanese for work, or as a hobby. I believe the key to learn and improve new skills efficiently is to find enjoyment in the learning process. I take great pleasure in teaching and helping my students improve their Japanese skills while also introducing them to Japanese culture and customs. 

Geoffrey Punter - Italian Trainer Image

Geoffrey Punter - Italian Trainer

Ciao a tutti! I grew up in Italian-speaking Switzerland, a 15-minute drive from the Italian border, where I discovered my passion for languages and teaching. Over the past 6 years I have taught Italian and English to people of all ages at several schools in southern Switzerland and London. I am also a professional actor. I love cycling (when it doesn't rain) and playing the piano (when it rains).

Rosalia Sinaguglia - Italian Trainer Image

Rosalia Sinaguglia - Italian Trainer

Ciao, I am Rosalia and I have been teaching Italian since 2010. I speak English, French, Spanish and Mandarin. I have taught in Italy, China, both in schools and universities and teaching for me is more of a vocation than a job. Italian language and culture are two great passions that I like to share with my students. Another of my passions is translation and in my spare time, I enjoy reading, going to the gym and taking long walks. 

Matteo Pozzi - Italian Trainer Image

Matteo Pozzi - Italian Trainer

I am a passionate and enthusiastic language teacher.  

I have been teaching the Italian language and culture for 10 years in London, Seoul and Milan, both face-to-face and online, to classes and individuals with different levels, purposes and backgrounds. I see the teacher’s role as that of a facilitator, that is why my classes are student-centred with the use of communicative methods and authentic materials.   

Learning should be engaging and enjoyable to progress faster and keep the motivation high.