Assess your level

If you are uncertain about your language level, you can take our online level test on the language of your choice.

For the test to reflect your real level, please answer without assistance and if a question proves to be too challenging, please opt for "I don’t know" answer rather than guessing randomly. 

The test has 40 questions (50 for Japanese and Mandarin), each with multiple-choice answers and it will place you in one of the bands of our courses: BeginnerPre-ElementaryElementaryPre-IntermediateUpper Pre-Intermediate (Japanese courses only) and Intermediate.

What are you waiting for? Take the test! 

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What to do next

  1. Read the program and select your level 

For each sub-level within your band and choose the closest to your needs and knowledge.  Remember that there is no perfect level.

2. Choose Your Start Date: 

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