Assess Your Level

If you are uncertain about your language level, you can take our online level test on the language of your choice.  

The test has 40 questions, each with multiple choice answers. For the test to reflect your real level, please answer without assistance. If a question proves to be too challenging, please opt for "I don’t know" answer rather than guessing randomly. 

The test will place you in one of the 5 bands of our courses: 

  • Beginner 
  • Pre-Elementary 
  • Elementary 
  • Pre-Intermediate 
  • Intermediate 

Once you know your band, go to the Level Description page for the language you are interested in and check the courses under your band. Learn about what pre-knowledge is required for each course and chose the one you feel more comfortable with. 

Once you have chosen the level, book your course and wait for your learning journey to start.  What are you waiting for? Take the test! 

Choose your test:


  • Remember that there is no perfect level. Choose the closest to your needs and knowledge.
  • Think about your learning style. Would you be more comfortable in a class where you’ll find a balance between new topics and revision of things you already know? Or would you prefer a more challenging environment where you don’t completely have all the knowledge required, but you feel confident about working a bit outside the class to make it up?